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Prospect Hill, also known as Cambridge Park,[Non-game 1] is an unmarked location in Cambridge in 2287.


A historical park located in Cambridge, including a small cafe building. After the Great War, it is little more than an abandoned, barren field.[Non-game 1] Northy, a member of Sinjin's raider gang, is known to reside in the area.[1]


An elevated park north of the Cambridge crater and south of Wattz Consumer Electronics, marked by stone brick walls. A cafe building takes up the northwest portion of the park, with a small playground to the south. A cooking station can be found to the east near the central clock post. An empty Pulowski Preservation shelter is located further east, outside of the park area proper, and north of the shelter under a corner overhang is a small chem lab with a chemistry station.

Related quests

The Silver Shroud: John Hancock orders the Sole Survivor to assassinate Northy in order to locate Sinjin.


Prospect Hill appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Prospect Hill is based on the real-world Prospect Hill Park in Waltham, Massachusetts.


  1. The Sole Survivor: "Thanks for the warning."
    John Hancock: "You know, it would be shame if he ended you. His name's Sinjin. He's taken two bit raider outfits and made them... scary. Small fish now, but if left alone... I happen to know where some of his other boys are. Smiling Kate operates outside of Bunker Hill. And Northy's got a pad over at Prospect Hill. You take them out and maybe we can find out where the big guy himself is stashed. Goodneighbor'd rest a whole lot easier with him out of the picture."
    (John Hancock's dialogue)


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    A small and historically pleasant park is now scrub and stone with a tiny shop. Someone's left a Nuka Cherry in the old covered alley southwest of the park. Pry it out of their cold, bony hands. Then check the overhang to the northeast for a small chem lab and chemistry station."
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