This page lists all locations known to have been intended to appear in the Fallout Online / original PV13 project in Project V13, the canceled Fallout MMORPG by Interplay Entertainment.
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Main article: Dayglow

Dayglow, originally known as San Diego in the Wasteland before 2162, is located on the remains of San Diego, near the site of the Glow. It is both a city and one of five New California Republic states.


Fo1 Glow Townmap.png

The West Tek research facility was destroyed in the nuclear holocaust of 2077. During the Great War the surface of the installation took a direct hit from a nuclear warhead which left a gaping hole exposing the subterranean installation, shattering the FEV containment tanks and releasing the irradiated virus into the atmosphere. Also known as the Ancient Order, West Tek Research Facility.

Menkey Butte Mine

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Main article: Menkey Butte Mine

The Menkey Butte Mine was originally a silver mine,[1] now disused it may still contain something of value, at least to Les and an unnamed partner, who are going to great lengths to find it. What or who can be found there now is unknown. Also known as Monkey Butt Mine.


V13 Snow City.jpg
Main article: Seattle

Seattle was a pre-War city in the state of Washington. One of its major landmarks is the Space Needle, which seems to have survived the War. Unlike New California or the Capital Wasteland, Seattle is, at least in the winter, covered in snow. Seattle appeared in a piece of concept art where the Space Needle is clearly visible. It is not known whether it was intended to actually appear in-game.

Stock Town

Main article: Stock Town

Stock Town is a settlement mentioned in The Armageddon Rag.

The only thing known about this town is that J. Hardy Murphy is making his way there, where he hopes he will make a name for himself and get a better weapon.


Project V13 concept art.jpg
Main article: Trumbull

Trumbull is a town which appears in a piece of concept art for Interplay's Project V13, the canceled Fallout MMO.


  1. The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 4 - Les - The “Sterling Brothers” part is what pulled me here in any case. MBM was originally silver, so there was the possibility.
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