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This page lists all companies known to have been intended to appear in the Fallout Online / original Project V13 project in Project V13, the canceled Fallout MMORPG by Interplay Entertainment.
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Crazy Ivan's New and Used Guns[edit | edit source]

9mm Burreyetta, Model 86d.jpg

Crazy Ivan's New and Used Guns is a weapon and item store that appears in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 4. It was founded and is owned by Crazy Ivan.

The shop sells various weapons and items ranging from the Chemblaster™ 3000™ CDS to the Super Duper stimpak. Crazy Ivan always claims that his items are the "absolute BEST" in their category.

Dayglow[edit | edit source]

Chemblaster 3000 CDS.jpg
Main article: DayGlow_(company)

Only mentioned in the the Armageddon Rag, DayGlow is a weapons manufacturer specializing in chemical weapons.

The company was mentioned in reference to the "Chemblaster™ 3000™ CDS," a chemical weapon said to utilize, "DayGlow technology for high-speed/high-accuracy dispensing." As evidenced by the company's name, it is located in Dayglow.

Duper Company[edit | edit source]

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Only mentioned in the The Armageddon Rag, Duper Company is a medical supplier that produces its well-known stimpaks and, in Project V13, Super Duper stimpaks.

The company was mentioned in reference to the Super Duper stimpaks as having Duper company's logo upon it.

Med-Tek[edit | edit source]


One of the pre-eminent biomedical research companies in the United States, Med-Tek focused on enabling better living through chemistry. Their flagship products included the Mentats brand of addictive nootropics (in a variety of flavors) and Fixer brand of addiction suppressants. It also released a series of personal chemical kits under the deceptively simple names My First Infirmary and My First Laboratory, which were fully capable of automatically diagnosing and treating any injury or level of irradiation and removing addictions or producing chemical compounds respectively.[1][2]

To maintain demand, Med-Tek heavily invested in public relations campaigns, such as branded promotions at the National Archives, featuring flavored Mentats variants.[3][4] Coupled with the proven efficacy of its brand of nootropics, Mentats enjoyed a stable demand in school districts and colleges,[5] which only increased with time and population. Fixer was also very popular, particularly in zones seeded by the company in advance with addictive drugs. The latest miracle drug manufactured by the company, Prevent, was projected to be another sales hit - though whether it was due to "seeding" or genuine efficacy will remain unknown.[6]

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RobCo Industries[edit | edit source]

RobCo logo inverted.png

RobCo Industries was one of the largest and most influential computer and robotics corporations in the pre-War United States. Several RobCo products were the defacto choice for many consumers, such as the Unified Operating System used by nearly all terminals. The company's key products were robots, selling them to both the average American and producing them for the United States military through defense contracts. The production of robots would accelerate into the Automation riots, with RobCo's robots facilitating the massive loss of jobs to automation and further displacing working-class Americans before the Great War. Founded on June 25, 2042 by industrialist and inventor Robert House, RobCo quickly soared through the ranks of the world’s most profitable and powerful corporations, rivaling the likes of Poseidon Energy within several years. By 2077, RobCo’s patented software and robotics designs had become a cornerstone of American industry, as exemplified by the widespread use of RobCo’s Unified Operating System in most American computer systems in the years leading up to the Great War.

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References[edit | edit source]

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