This page lists all companies known to have been intended to appear in the Fallout Online / original Project V13 project in Project V13, the canceled Fallout MMORPG by Interplay Entertainment.
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Crazy Ivan's New and Used GunsEdit

9mm Burreyetta, Model 86d

Crazy Ivan's New and Used Guns is a weapon and item store that appears in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 4. It was founded and is owned by Crazy Ivan.

The shop sells various weapons and items ranging from the Chemblaster™ 3000™ CDS to the Super Duper stimpak. Crazy Ivan always claims that his items are the "absolute BEST" in their category.

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Chemblaster 3000 CDS

Only mentioned in the The Armageddon Rag, DayGlow is a weapons manufacturer possibly specializing in chemical weapons.

The company was mentioned in reference to the "Chemblaster™ 3000™ CDS," a chemical weapon said to utilize "DayGlow technology for high-speed/high-accuracy dispensing". As evidenced by the company's name, it is located in Dayglow.

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Duper CompanyEdit


Only mentioned in the The Armageddon Rag, Duper seems to be a medical supplier that produces its well-known stimpaks and, in Project V13, Super Duper stimpaks.

The company was mentioned in reference to the Super Duper stimpaks as having Duper company's logo upon it.

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Med-Tek was a large medical-pharmaceutical company, gaining its fame after creating the Mentats, a drug designed to increase memory-related functions and speed up other mental processes.

Shortly before the bombs fell, the company experimented with different flavors of fruit Mentats. It used an exhibit sponsorship deal to place the experimental berry Mentats, grape Mentats and orange Mentats in a prize redemption terminal in the National Archives, much to the displeasure of the facility administrator.

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RobCo IndustriesEdit

RobCo logo inverted

RobCo Industries was one of the largest and most influential computer and robotics corporations in the pre-War United States. The company’s name is either an abbreviation of “Robotics Corporation”, or was named after its founder, Robert House, the eventual master of New Vegas, or could potentially be a combination of the two.

Founded on June 25, 2042 by industrialist and inventor Robert House, RobCo quickly soared through the ranks of the world’s most profitable and powerful corporations, rivaling the likes of Poseidon Energy within several years. By 2077, RobCo’s patented software and robotics designs had become a cornerstone of American industry, as exemplified by the widespread use of RobCo’s Unified Operating System in most American computer systems in the years leading up to the Great War.

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