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Attract friendly creatures to the three habitats and defend them from predators.

Event: Project Paradise is a public event in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Quick walkthrough

Event: Project Paradise
Go to Arktos Pharma.
Initialize the Experiment from the Mainframe Terminal .
(Optional) Disable ARIC-4 by using the Shutdown Code.
Fill the Feeding Troughs in the Habitats (Six minute timer)
Last call to fill the Troughs! (0:30 Seconds)
Defend your animals from predators (Wave 1/3)
Prepare for the next Wave (0:15 seconds)
Defend your animals from predators (Wave 2/3)
Prepare for the Alpha Predator (0:15 seconds)
Defend your animals from the Alpha Predator (Final Wave)
Reward: See infobox

Detailed walkthrough

The gameplay consists of multiple stages. Firstly, the party has to initialize the experiment through a terminal adjacent to ARIC-4 in the main hub. After Project Paradise has been initialized, players must head to Habitats A, B and C to harvest different types of animal food (fragrant venison, toxic sludge, and moist radkelp) and deposit them into their respective feed troughs. The more food collected and inserted into each one, the higher the level of creature which must be defended in the later stages. 0-19 for rank 0, 20-39 for rank 1, 40-59 for rank 2 and 60+ for rank 3. After the timer for filling the troughs runs out, three friendly creatures will spawn and the party has approximately 10–15 seconds to "meet the friendly creatures". During the first part with filling the feeding troughs, this is also the time when Quercus can be put in charge of the experiment by using ARIC-4's shutdown code from the basement to deactivate her. If the timer to fill the troughs expires, not including the short time for final call for putting the food in the feeding troughs, the opportunity to use the shutdown code is lost, and ARIC-4 remains in charge of the experiment. If it is used in time, Quercus will announce he's taking over the experiment and will overlook the event from there.

After the short break, the friendly creatures must be defended from three waves of enemy animals while hostile Arktos Pharma security robots patrol the facility, including Protectrons, Mister Gutsies, and Assaultrons, as well as a Sentry Bot area boss outside of the event, though he may engage players while the event is active. The first two waves will consist of hordes of strong enemies, such as honey beasts, yao guai, wolves, cave crickets, snallygasters, anglers, and more, including any feral ghouls still lurking around the biome lab before or during the event. The final wave will be led by a powerful alpha predator. The level 100, 3-star legendary alpha predator can be either a Sheepsquatch, Grafton Monster or fog crawler with very strong defense and stamina and will spawn in only one of the three biomes. Killing the alpha will complete the event. Only one friendly creature needs to survive for the event to be successfully completed. If all three friendly creatures are killed, the event will fail. The more that survive, the better the rewards upon quest completion. An automated turret in each habitat that fires high-explosive rounds can be repaired to assist in protecting the friendly creatures and repaired again if disabled by attacks from the hostile predators. Depending on if ARIC-4 or Quercus is in charge of the project, the friendly animals will either run away from the predators to protect themselves, or turn and fight, putting themselves in more danger unless the predators, especially the alpha, are distracted by player characters drawing their attention away from them and killing them quickly.

Habitat A: Collect fragrant venison by looting sickly radstags.

Habitat B: Collect toxic sludge by harvesting piles and by looting the mole rats that spawn immediately after. Harvesting toxic sludge deals radiation damage to the player. Toxic sludge piles respawn after a short time to continue harvesting from them.

Habitat C: Collect moist radkelp by harvesting flora. The radkelp respawns after a short time to allow for continued harvesting of it.

Potential Alpha predators include:

Hostile creatures include:

Potential rare/unique loot includes:


One surviving animal Two surviving animals Three surviving animals
  • Rare flora (rare) (1)
  • Rare rewards #1 (1)

  • Rare flora (uncommon) (1)
  • Rare rewards #2 (1)
  • Bear Arm item (uncommon) (1)
  • Bear Arm mod plan (req. known) (1)

  • Rare flora (1)
  • Rare rewards #3 (1)
  • Bear Arm item (1)
  • Bear Arm mod plan (req. known) (1)
  • Bear Arm mod plan (req. known) (1)

Note: the Arktos Pharma backpack skin will be unlocked automatically after completing the event using ARIC-4's shutdown code, and can be earned regardless of the number of animals remaining.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Initialize the experimentThe Arktos Pharma Biome Lab is ready to run an experiment. I can initialize it at the mainframe terminal just below the lobby.
? Fill the feeding troughsI've been instructed to fill the feeding troughs in each of the three habitats with something appropriately tasty. The more full the troughs, the stronger the creatures they will attract.
? Venison in Habitat A: <Variable=VenisonCt> - Rating: <Variable=HunterTier>/<Variable=MaxTier>
? Sludge in Habitat B: <Variable=GarbageCt> - Rating: <Variable=ScavengerTier>/<Variable=MaxTier>
? Radkelp in Habitat C: <Variable=RadkelpCt> - Rating: <Variable=SwimmerTier>/<Variable=MaxTier>
? Final call for trough materials!
? Meet the friendly animals
? Defend your animals from predators (Wave 1/3)A creature has been attracted to each habitat - and they're friendly! Unfortunately, the other creatures in the chasm are not. In order to keep the experiment running, I must defend my new friends from these predators.
? Defend your animals from predators (Wave 2/3)
? Prepare to fight the alpha
?Quest finishedDefend your animals from the alpha predator (Final Wave)


  • The bear arm weapon plan is a uncommon reward from the event. This plan must be learned before any bear arm weapon mod plans will be dropped from the event.
  • Completing the optional objective: Retrieve ARIC-4's shutdown code from the flooded basement area, will change a few parameters of the event:
    • By shutting down ARIC-4, the player deactivates the Arktos Pharma security robots and places Quercus in charge of the experiment, who switches to using Formula Q instead of Formula P.
    • Secondly, the friendly creatures to defend will attack instead of run when enemies are nearby, effectively increasing the difficulty of the event. This includes the alpha boss on the final wave, creating a very risky strategy. Finally, Quercus will heal the friendly creatures between rounds.
    • The Arktos Pharma backpack skin will automatically unlock upon completion of the event, if not unlocked already from a previous completion of the event.
  • The plan to craft Formula Q is in the files but is unused and not obtainable from this event or elsewhere, nor is the consumable available outside this event.
  • The alpha boss is decided by which creatures are still alive when the final wave begins. If there is a creature from Habitat A, there is a chance to spawn a Sheepsquatch. If there is a creature from Habitat B, there is a chance to spawn a Grafton Monster. If there is a creature from Habitat C, there is a chance to spawn a fog crawler.
  • There is one turret in each habitat that can be repaired to aid the players in completing the event. Their targeting parameters can be altered via a nearby terminal.
  • The basement level can be unlocked via the keypad by entering 970930, which is a reference to the release date for the original Fallout.
  • This event requires major cooperation between multiple players for the best results.


PCIcon pc.png Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Placing venison in a food trough may cause the game to crash.[verified]


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