Project Clean & Clear, also known as Operation Clean and Clear, was a pre-War Army Chemical Weapons Division project at Dyer Chemical to create a means of restoring water sources in the event of nuclear war.[1]


In February 2075, General C. Braxton of the U.S. Army contacted Dyer Chemical CEO Stanley Dyer with "orders" to convert the Appalachian facility to accommodate Project Clean & Clear. Dyer initially resisted Braxton's attempts at coercion, believing that it would cost the company millions of dollars. After Braxton persisted, Dyer reached out to Senator Sam Blackwell for assistance.

Although Blackwell supported Dyer, Braxton had planted a mole in Dyer Chemical, and the mole had discovered the plant had adopted the practice of dumping waste and labeling the incidents "accidental spills." Given an ultimatum of cooperating or risk a leak to the press, Dyer opted to fully cooperate with the project. Dyer advised modifications to the plant would be completed by May of 2075.[2]

The project goal was to create a substance that could remove radiation from a water source should nuclear war become a reality. Dyer Chemical was given an experimental alkali solution known only as Alkali Test Unit v2.0-B. When combined with aluminum, silicon, and oxygen, it was believed the resulting substance would be capable of absorbing any present radiation. The project was highly experimental, and access to details was restricted to relevant personnel.[3]


Project Clean & Clear is mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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