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Pharmabot JD7E has been tasked with using an experimental chemical to improve crop yields. Defend him as he goes about his duties.

Event: Project Beanstalk is an event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough

Enter the barn at Silva homestead, use the Arktos Pharma terminal, and select "Run Initialization Sequence." Follow and protect the Pharmabot for one minute at three different locations in the nearby crop field to allow JD7E to safely spray the crops. The crop spraying will attract enemies such as stingwings and mole rats. Since the bot is rather fragile (though self-healing between fights), it is advised to stay nearby or draw enemies away from it. Once all three locations are sprayed, the event is completed. Vault Dwellers can linger afterwards to follow Pharmabot JD7E as he returns to the barn, makes an upload transmission of its latest data to Arktos Pharma on the results of its crop spraying, then retreats back inside to shut down and recharge until the event becomes active again.

Event stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Initialize the Pharmabot (##:##)The Pharmabot needs to be initialized through the Arktos terminal.
Follow PharmabotThe Pharmabot is going through its protocol to spray the crops. I'm going to stick with it to make sure it finishes the cycle.
Defend Pharmabot at Spray location (#/3)The Pharmabot finished this first spraying but it really upset some creatures in the area.
Spray Location Alpha (1:00)
Spray Location Beta (1:00)The Pharmabot has finished spraying the second location.
Spray Location Gamma (1:00)The Pharmabot has finished spraying the third and final location. Success!
The bot has transmitted its data back to Arktos and says it's going to shut down now. The Pharmabot has shut down until next time.
The Pharmabot wasn't able to finish the circuit and has decided to abort his task.


The Pharmabot is mentioned in a terminal entry at Arktos Pharma.