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This is a transcript for dialogue with Alex Dargon.


DLC03TLPPScientistWhatDoingHere What are you doing here? Neutral 50 Me? Well, I figured after all the work we already put into this place, we could help the Brotherhood keep things running smoothly. 1
Neutral 50 It's worked out pretty well so far, I think. They're not necessarily the friendliest bunch, but I've been doing what I can to get along with them. 2
DLC03TLPPScientistsWhereDrLi Where's Doctor Li? Neutral 50 Oh. Well, she... After what happened to you when the purifier started, I think she just kind of had enough. {pleasant, but slightly sad.} 3
Neutral 50 It was really hard on her, you know? First losing your dad, and then the Enclave, and then the Brotherhood taking over here. {pleasant, but slightly sad.} 4
Neutral 50 It was really just too much for her. So I guess she packed up a few things and headed off north, towards the Commonwealth. {pleasant, but slightly sad.} 5
Neutral 50 Rumor has it there's a scientific community up there. I sure hope she finds what she's looking for. {pleasant, but slightly sad.} 6
GREETING GREETING Fear 50 What the hell are we standing around for? If Garza can't make it, then we need to go without him. This is crazy! {scared, panicky} 7
GREETING Fear 50 Thank God someone else made it out. What the hell is going on? Who are those guys? Did I hear gunshots? {afraid, hint of panic} 8
GREETING Fear 50 We'll make it out of here, right? I don't want to die down here. {afraid, panicked} 9
GREETING Happy 50 Hey there. I hear we have you to thank for getting us up and running again! {chipper, friendly} 10
GREETING Happy 50 Hey there, little lady. What's going on? {chipper, friendly} 11
GREETING Happy 50 Hey there, bud. What's going on? {chipper, friendly} 12
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, good to see you! I heard you had a bit of a problem getting the purifier started... Sorry about that. We're looking into exactly what happened. 13
Neutral 50 Anyway, it's great to see you on your feet again. We wouldn't be here now without you! 14
GREETING Neutral 50 If there's anything you need, just let me know. 15
GREETING Neutral 50 Just can't stay away, can you? 16
Neutral 50 Well, I guess it's good you're not dead. And I guess I should say thanks for getting us running. 17
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, hey buddy! Hi. Yeah, so listen, thanks and all. Really great job you did there. 18
GREETING Neutral 50 Boy this place is something else, isn't it? Really amazing stuff here. 19
MQ05PPScientistGetItWorking Do you think Project Purity will ever work again? Neutral 50 I don't see why not. Between Doctor Li and your dad, we've got the best minds on the job. They can do just about anything. 20
Neutral 50 Yeah, I think we'll be up and running in no time. 21
MQ05ScientistAnythingIShouldKnow Anything I should know about this place? Neutral 50 I'd steer clear of the water if I were you. It's seeping in from the Tidal Basin, which means it's radioactive. 22
Neutral 50 If that's not bad enough, if there are any loose wires as the power comes back on... you might get a bit of a jolt. Know what I mean? 23
MQ05ScientistCanYouHelp Can you help get us through this? Neutral 50 What? You're supposed to be the tough one, right? Why don't you take care of it? 24
MQ05ScientistWhatsYourStory What's your story? Neutral 50 Who, me? Oh, nothing special. I grew up in Rivet City, and was always interested in what the scientists were doing there. 25
Neutral 50 Doctor Li took me under her wing, and taught me everything I know. Dan and I were out in the field when we got the call to come back. 26
MQ05ScientistWherePumps Where are the flood control pumps? Neutral 50 You're kidding me, right? 27
Neutral 50 Ugh. They're downstairs in the sub-basement. You want me to hold your hand while you look for them? {exasperated, annoyed} 28


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 I really don't want to die down here. 29
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Be careful, okay? 30
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Good luck. 31
I have to go now. Surprise 50 Catch you around! 32
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 What is going on up there? 33
HELLO Neutral 50 I don't want to die down here... 34
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there! 35
HELLO Neutral 50 How's it going? 36
HELLO Neutral 50 Hiya. 37