Programmer's Digest is a skill magazine in Fallout: New Vegas.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Reading this magazine raises the Science skill by 10 points (20 points with the Comprehension perk) for 60 seconds (180 seconds with Retention).

Crafting[edit | edit source]

This item can be crafted by the Courier.

Creation requirements

Repair: 25
Picking up a copy of Programmer's Digest after the Voracious Reader perk is chosen.
Programmer's Digest (1)

¹ Craftable without a workbench via a dialogue option with Veronica, or with ED-E once the add-on Lonesome Road is installed.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all fixed locations of Programmer's Digest skill magazines in Fallout: New Vegas and its add-ons. For an overview of magazines per location, see the main overview page.

Closest map markerLocation description
Ashton missile silo Lonesome Road (add-on)Level 1 launchdeck, in a desk in the medical room with the Auto-Doc, along with a copy of Fixin' Things
Broc flower caveIn the upper chamber with the rest of the medical loot. One is on the table with the chemistry set, the other is on the table near the dummy computer terminal along with a Today's Physician
Camp GolfHouse Resort, second floor on a table next to a copy of Fixin' Things in a center room with the non-functioning terminal
Camp GolfCamp Golf tent, the one with Sgt. McCredie in it, on the desk in the back right
Camp GuardianCamp Guardian caves, in the bottom right corner of the map behind a large group of lakelurks, inside a duffle bag within the cave
Followers safehouseOne is found on the middle bed of the safehouse next to a copy of Today's Physician.
GoodspringsTwo in the Goodsprings schoolhouse, on two benches near walls, one next to the terminal
Hoover DamPower plant 01, on a desk upstairs just outside the door to Hoover Dam offices
Hoover DamHoover Dam offices, in an eastern room, on a desk with the inventory terminal
Hoover DamIn the northeastern Hoover Dam tower ladies' room, in one of the upstairs stalls
Hopeville missile silo bunker Lonesome Road (add-on)Ground level, silo blast door control-room, on top of the blast door-control
JacobstownIn the lodge in an upstairs room. Left hallway, in the third room from the right on a table along with a copy of Fixin' Things
Junction 7 rest stop Lonesome Road (add-on)In a ruined building called Parker's Restaurant and Fountain, upstairs in a fallen down bookshelf
Matthews Animal Husbandry FarmThree located in a duffle bag on the second floor of the easternmost barn
Mick & Ralph'sOn the second floor next to a non-working terminal
Nellis Air Force BaseNellis schoolhouse, on the teacher's desk together with a copy of Boxing Times and Fixin' Things
New Vegas SteelOffice area, in a bin beside the desk with the intact terminal
NiptonTown hall, two magazines in Major Steyn's office on his desk next to the terminal
Old Mormon FortSold by Julie Farkas at a discount, after providing her with enough supplies during Friend of the Followers
PrimmNash residence, on a table next to the bed, along with a copy of Fixin' Things
Puesta del Sol Dead MoneySwitching station, on a console to the right before descending the stairs
Red Rock CanyonNorthwest tent around the fire, on the floor with a Lad's Life and Milsurp Review
Red Rock drug labIn the front trailer, on a bench near a chemistry set, next to a Today's Physician
Sunset Sarsaparilla headquartersOn the table to the right from the main entrance, opposite of Festus
The Think Tank Old World Blues (add-on)On top of a terminal, in the back where Dr. Borous is working
The Tops13th floor, in the southern middle room behind an Average locked door, on a desk
Vault 19First floor, under the desk with the terminal in the first room on the left after entering the Blue Sector
Vault 22Beside the mattress upon first entering
Villa police station Dead MoneyIn a small room with a reloading bench, on the closest shelf to the right upon entry
Violet and Violetta trailer compoundOn a shelf at the top of the makeshift fort, in a box
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