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I swear, that woman acts as though we're married.— Professor Scara regarding Doctor Duff

Professor[1] Scara is a scientist found in the Science! Center in Diamond City alongside Dr. Duff in 2287.


Scara came to Diamond City and settled in with Dr. Duff because of the access to the laboratory equipment she provided.[2] In contrast to Duff, who is more interested in fun experiments and teaching biology lessons, Scara is a much more serious scientist, refusing to deal with visitors and referring them to Duff instead.[3] Though Scara mostly writes and speaks about her in frustration, Duff's dialogue script notes state that she is in a romantic relationship with her,[4] and that they are an odd couple.[5]

Scara possesses a great deal of knowledge about robotics,[6] and in addition to attempting to fix Takahashi's Japanese language subroutines,[7] she frequently goes on field expeditions for a couple of days.[8]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Other interactions

  • During the quest Liberty Reprimed, she reveals that "Professor" is her first name, not her title, noting that it's "rather complicated" and that she might explain it some time.



  • When recruited for the Brotherhood, Scara will be more eager than Dr. Li to work on Liberty Prime.
  • Scara also mentions that she will help keep the Prydwen running and that her work aboard the Prydwen is much more interesting than scouring the Commonwealth for robot parts.


Professor Scara appears only in Fallout 4.


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