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The Professor Malleus audio logs are a set of holotapes in Fallout 3. Recorded by the late Professor Malleus, they can be found throughout Vault 92 and contain personal notes on the experiment in that vault.


  • V92-01: Entrance room where the big cog door is located, on a desk next to some computers.
  • V92-02: The second tape is located in the Overseer's Office and is in the SW bunk room.
  • V92-03: The third tape is located in the Overseer's Office and is close to the three ammo boxes.
  • V92-04: The fourth is located in the Living Quarters area south most room that has a good bit of ammo boxes, in this room there should be a table next to a door leading to a room with the medical skill book D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine.
  • V92-05: The fifth is located in the classroom section the western room close to Zoe's room on a desk/table. (The projector room.)
  • V92-06: The sixth tape is located in the sound testing wing, and is on a table in the area that the Nikola Tesla and You book is.


Professor Malleus audio log V92-01

Vault 92 entrance map.jpg

So far, the experiment is going exactly as planned. We're subjecting the residents to extremely low frequency white noise in regular intervals through the loudspeaker system. Using the soundproof recording studios and the musicians was an inspired idea. Kudos to the Vault-Tec selection committee on their shrewdness.

  • Length: 00:17:1 minutes
  • Author: Professor Malleus

Professor Malleus audio log V92-02

Vault 92 overseer office.jpg

I'm a bit encouraged by the latest batch of data. It seems that 33 percent of the subjects are now lapsing into a trance-like state on occasion. When in this state, we're fairly certain that suggestion and programming of the subject can be applied. We've begun testing this by implanting subtle cues in affected subjects, making them scratch their ear or constantly fix their hair. So far I'm happy to report a 100% success rate on this implementation method.

  • Length: 00:25:8 minutes
  • Author: Professor Malleus

Professor Malleus audio log V92-03

Disaster today. One of our test subjects, V920717, has murdered three other residents in a fit of unbridled rage the likes of which I've never seen. It took almost 23 shots before the security team took him down. This subject has no history of violence or mental instability whatsoever. My concern is that this subject is one of our most successful implant recipients, able to execute complex instructions during trance-state.

  • Length: 00:28:6 minutes
  • Author: Professor Malleus

Professor Malleus audio log V92-04

Vault 92 living quarters loc map.jpg

Unbelievable! We've had twelve more incidents in the past month, mirroring Subject V920717's actions. The shocking part is the savagery these aberrants exhibit when they murder. They rip their victims apart limb from limb and eviscerate them by hand. These used to be respected members of the musical community. How could this be happening? Where have I gone wrong?

  • Length: 00:21:3 minutes
  • Author: Professor Malleus

Professor Malleus audio log V92-05

Vault 92 sound testing loc map.jpg

The situation is getting out of hand. Over half the population of the Vault is exhibiting savage tendencies. I can only assume our noise experimentation has awakened some dormant part of their psyche...brought their primitive nature to the surface. In essence, I feel that they are almost psychologically devolving. I was stupid for rushing these experiments, and now over 35 people are dead.

  • Length: 00:21:8 minutes
  • Author: Professor Malleus

Professor Malleus audio log V92-06

I can't believe what I've discovered. Just before he died, one of the security team members told me everything. The Overseer has been implanting these murderous intentions in the entire Vault population without my knowledge! Using the loudspeakers in the dorms instead of just the studios, he subjected everyone to the white noise as they slept. He then implanted combat suggestions he claims came from Vault-Tec itself! He...he must be completely insane. No observation, no controls...I'm going to have to confront him now and make him pay for what he's done. Half the Vault is dead, the other half fighting for its life. Good luck to all of us and may God have mercy on our souls.

  • Length: 00:46:3 minutes
  • Author: Professor Malleus