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This is a transcript for dialogue with Professor-bot.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
49 0040106D 00401097 Assuming there even IS a restricted section, and I am NOT verifying that, neither of you have Vault-Tec University credentials.
50 0040106E 004010D6 The Overseer mentioned there would be more people coming.
53 004010DA Well, it appears you passed the test, barely exceeding my low expectations of you.
55 0042C0D5 So, you're one of the residents of Vault 76. Your Overseer has told me all about you.
56 0042C0D6 Nice to see that the Overseer of Vault 76 has kept her charges alive and healthy. For the most part.
70 00546BF6 You passed. Hurray.
71 00546BF7 You didn't fail, despite your lack of qualifying courses. I suppose I should congratulate you.
74 0054B093 Complete your task, and we can talk about granting you permission to the Restricted Wing. told player to complete the final exam
75 0054B094 You have a final exam to complete. Get to it. told player to complete the final exam
76 0054B095 I'm not expecting much of you for this examination. I am, however, prepared to be disappointed. told player to complete the final exam
79 0054B09C Just remember, the goal of all of these simulations is to keep the Vault running, and under your authority. going through the Vaul simulation with the player
96 0042E303 0042E313 You will be given a scenario that you need to accomplish in the Vault Simulation area. The Handys will play as the residents you need to oversee.
97 0042E305 0042E318 Glad we agree. In this test scenario, your vault has divided into factions. You must resolve the conflict any way you see fit.
98 Your Chief of Security will fill you in on the details. Good luck.
99 0053B764 0042E312 Emergency protocols allow the Mister Handy janitorial staff to run entrants straight through to the final exam.
100 Their ability to run the Vault simulation is... experimental, but more than adequate for the task.
103 0053B766 0042E310 My programming dictates that this University's purpose is to produce graduates. And I intend to follow the rules, unlike some people.
104 The simulation will be run by the Mister Handy janitorial staff. It is an experimental protocol, but you'll find they are more than up to the task.
106 0053B76A 0053B778 The condition of the outside world is NOT my problem.
107 I see neither of you are going to relent. Very well. There is a problem you can help me with. This university needs graduates.
108 And while your Overseer has already been through the program, YOU are living and breathing enough to join this year's class.
109 0053B76E 0053B779 There is one thing I need. A new graduating class. Unfortunately, your Overseer has already passed the final exam, but you. You could take it.
110 0053B774 0053B77B Those are not considered valid.
111 0053B776 0053B77C Faculty and staff determine who goes where in this university, not former students. snide
184 00546B7A 00546C04 Yes, Overseer, I suppose it was. Congratulations on one of your residents passing the program. You must be proud.
186 00546B7C 00546C0D Your success is simply a reminder of the appalling standards I must now deal with. You're lucky we grade on a curve.
187 You are now an official graduate of Vault-Tec University, entitled to access to the Restricted Wing.
188 00546B7E 00546BE7 Everyone's a critic. You're lucky this university doesn't have a disciplinary program for being a smart ass.
189 You are now an official graduate of Vault-Tec University, entitled to access to the Restricted Wing.
190 00546B80 00546BCA Yes. I suppose we had a deal. You're officially a graduate of Vault-Tec University, entitled to access to all areas.
249 0054B3BA 0054B3BF No. It doesn't. And for the record, I was the dissenting opinion on fast tracking your Overseer assignment. You aren't pushing your way through me.
250 0054B3BB 0054B3BE Oh, I see one of your residents has arrived. Come here. We need to discuss this ridiculous request of yours. just noticing the player has walked in
251 0054B3BC 0054B3BD It doesn't matter what you may have seen or heard before you graduated, Overseer, that's not my concern.
252 0054B4A1 0054B4A4 Back down in the Vault simulation space is a maintenance area. It conceals a secondary room that I believe will have what you are looking for.
257 0058F4ED 0058F4F2 Producing quality graduates is the very foundation of my purpose, a purpose that has gone unfulfilled for far too long.
258 0058F4F0 0058F4F3 Protocols on this matter are clearly established and will be strictly enforced. They will not be circumvented.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0054B052 0054B055 Thanks to this university, a small portion of your considerable ignorance has been eradicated. I hope you are grateful. player has graduated from Vault-Tec University
2 0054B056 Don't squander your education.
3 0054B057 Our business is concluded. Goodbye, graduate. player has graduated from Vault-Tec University