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Private Hart's holotape is a holotape in Fallout 4.


The holodisk can be found on Private Hart's remains, next to the Museum of Witchcraft main exit, during The Devil's Due quest.


Private Hart: Jefferies! Lee got the recorder working. So, this the sorta detail ya had in mind when you signed up for the Gunners? Hauling luggage from Lynn Woods for some robot butler? What was his name? Welliton? Wellingham?

Major Jefferies: Not now, Private. Where's ConnorsIn-game spelling? He's not as his post.

Private Hart: Oh, uh, sorry sir. The lieutenant said he'd found some tracks, wanted to check them out. Private Martin--

Major Jefferies: Tracks? What track... what the hell is that?

Private Hart: Oh my... C-Conners? Where, where's the rest of him?

Major Jefferies: Jesus. It found us. Sergeant Lee, grab the case! Do not let that thing out of your sight! Everyone inside the museum! Now!

Private Hart: Major. Major! What found us!


Looting this item is required to complete the objective "explore the museum," which isn't completed by killing the Museum of Witchcraft's boss.


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