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For an overview of deathclaw eggs in the Fallout series of games, see deathclaw egg.

The pristine deathclaw egg is a quest item in Fallout 4.


The pristine deathclaw egg is a particularly well-formed and preserved deathclaw egg. The Gunners were contracted to deliver one to Wellingham in Diamond City, but failed in their duty. To enable its use as a consumable or ingredient, the player must complete The Devil's Due.

It is required to create a tasty deathclaw omelette after the recipe has been acquired. Picking up the egg after The Devil's Due is completed makes it usable, but the deathclaw guarding the nest attacks.


A single pristine deathclaw egg can be found on the top floor of the Museum of Witchcraft near the entrance.

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Despite being used by Wellingham to create the Deathclaw Wellingham, pristine deathclaw eggs cannot, in fact, be used to supplant regular deathclaw eggs in the player's version of the recipe.

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