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Prisoner's note is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


The note can be found at Old Crimora Mines, in the prisoner cells, on Eliza's corpse.



We ran into some cultists today while doing a pick-up job. Rest of those damn cowards fled. Left me, Patrick, Dustin and Hunter to these freaks.
They took us to some old mineshaft. Freezing down here now that all the adrenaline's settled.

Hell, I've done some sadistic crap with the crew over the years, but having it happen to our guys... makes me feel sick to my stomach. They took Patrick away. Didn't see him again but sure did hear him. Hell of an echo down here.

Seems they need to keep a few of us alive for some ritual, so they won't kill all of us, but that don't stop them from using us for fun. Cut us. Burn us. Bash our heads. Crush our fingers. Flay us alive. Taking stuff right out of our playbook, cept they spend the whole time praising some bug while doing it.

Least there's some comfort in knowing one of em is a bit different from the others. This Ghoul gal. She's a straight shooter, none of this Mothman nonsense when talking to us. Like she doesn't belong here with these cultists.

Weird thing is, she acts totally different around the others, even those she seems like the boss. Like she's putting on act. But at least she sneaks us some scraps when they're not around.

If we ever get outta here, I'm done with the Blood Eagles. I can't be part anything horrific no more. Can't do things like this to people. I need to get out. I'm scared, but I need to get out.

Someone's coming. Maybe this is my chance. I've got to try.