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Prison incident report is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


The note can be found at Camp Liberty, on a table next to a lantern, near the prison area next to the bonfire.



Title: Prison Break
Reporting Officer: S. Briggs
Location: Correctional Facility

Incident Details:
Three inmates attempted to escape from the prison. They successfully pried open the floorboards using concealed tools, subsequently attempting to tunnel their way out through the foundation of the prison. The discovery of this plot was made during a routine bunk inspection when contraband tools were found hidden beneath one inmate's pillow. After a private "conversation" with the inmate in question, they disclosed the identities of their co-conspirators, all of whom have since been appropriately dealt with.

The inmate who cooperated by revealing their fellow conspirators was placed in the secure inner holding cell, while the other two inmates were transferred to the Island and the Range, which follows established procedures.

Next Steps:
We must increase the frequency of our inspections and implement a policy of separating groups exceeding two individuals to prevent such incidents from recurring. We must also fix the security flaw in the back corner before we get any new arrivals.