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This is a transcript for dialogue with Princess.


GREETING GREETING Disgust 50 Hey mungo. This is an A B conversation so C your way out. {"mungo" said with derision} 1
GREETING Happy 50 You're my hero, ma'am. I want to be just like you when I grow up. 2
GREETING Sad 50 Just leave me alone, okay? {Said on the verge of tears.} 3
GREETING Sad 50 I hate you! Go away! {Said on the verge of tears.} 4
GREETING Sad 50 I don't want to talk with you! {Said on the verge of tears.} 5
GREETING Anger 15 Hey, new kid. I don't know if anyone told you yet, but let me set the record straight. 6
Anger 50 I'm Princess. When you're around me, I'm in charge. You shut up and do what I say, because I'm boss around here. That clear? 7
Disgust 25 Now, who're you? 8
GREETING Anger 25 What the hell is RJ thinking, letting a damned mungo like you in here? 9
Anger 50 So, who're you working with? Raiders? Slavers? Mutants? 10
Anger 75 Answer up, mungo! 11
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, look who's here. What's up, mungo? 12
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, if it isn't the magnificent mungo. What now? 13
LLDirections Can you give me directions? Anger 50 No. Scram. 14
Friendly First Response
Whatever you say. Happy 25 Good! Glad we've got that settled. Stay out of my way, and there won't be any problems. 15
The Mayor let me in because I rescued some of your friends. Disgust 50 Oh, you think Sammy and the rest wouldn't have gotten back on their own eventually? I taught him better than that. 16
Anger 25 Well, if you're sticking around, you ought to know that I'm Princess, and I call the shots around here. 17
Anger 50 And don't forget it, mungo! 18
The Mayor let me in. I'm not here to cause problems. Anger 25 Well, if you're sticking around, you ought to know that I'm Princess, and I call the shots around here. 19
Anger 50 And don't forget it, mungo! 20
Rude First Response
Did you just try to give me orders? That's cute, little Princess. Anger 75 Oh, you'll listen to me. Otherwise, I'll have my good pal RJ kick you out of the town. Or better yet, lock you in the vault. 21
Anger 25 So don't push me, new meat. Just nod and move on and I think we'll get along just fine. 22
I don't work for anyone. But give me any trouble, and you'll regret it. Anger 50 Now listen up! I'm Princess, and I don't care what RJ says, when you're around me, I'm in charge. 23
Anger 25 Give me any trouble, mungo, and I can get you kicked out of here in a flash. Or worse. 24
LLGuarding What's it like, guarding the back gate? Anger 50 It's so dull! Practically nothing ever tries to come through the back gate anymore, so I never get to shoot anyone. 25
Anger 25 I wish I was at the front gate, but RJ specifically put me back here. Up front, at least there's a chance I can shoot some unwanted visitors. 26
Anger 50 Which could have included you, mungo. 27
LLLMQ06TellMeAboutVault87 What do you know about Vault 87? Neutral 50 That's behind the Back Door! The Back Door is my job, and I do it really well! {beaming} 28
Neutral 50 See what happens is, Mayor says he wants the door open. Then I help him because I'm good at it. It takes two of us to do it. {beaming} 29
Neutral 50 But only Mayor can say it's okay. You gotta talk to him, and then I'll help him. 30
LLLMQ06UseMurderPass I want to use Murder Pass to reach Vault 87. Neutral 50 Not unless Mayor says it's okay. You'd better ask him. 31
LLMungo Stop calling me mungo, kid. Anger 50 Stop calling me kid, mungo. 32
LLNicknames How did someone like you get a nickname like Princess? Anger 60 I don't need to explain myself to you, mungo. Shut up and get lost. {Unexpectedly angry at the mention of her nickname} 33
Anger 80 In fact, don't you ever bother me about something as stupid as nicknames again! {Unexpectedly angry at the mention of her nickname} 34
LLPrincessNickname I know why you're really called Princess, Princess. Surprise 50 Why? Because I'm the Princess of Little Lamplight? {Bluffing, but a little too flustered to pull it off believably.} 35
LLPrincessNickname2A You don't have to be embarrassed by it. Not everyone can be a good mayor. Anger 50 Shut up! Soon as I figure out who told you, someone's getting pounded into the ground. 36
Anger 30 That was a long time ago, anyway! 37
LLPrincessNickname2B I hear MacCready really walloped you when you tried to play princess. Surprise 50 Oh yeah? Well that was a long time ago! Now RJ's my best friend! {Surprisingly defensive and angry about the idea that RJ (MacCready) walloped her.} 38
Anger 50 Someday, we're gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend, and then he'll kick you out! 39
LLPrincessNickname3A You know what? Never mind. It's not worth making you cry. Anger 75 That's right! Run away, coward! 40
LLPrincessNickname3B Yeah, well... You're a jerk and MacCready doesn't like you. Anger 50 Oh, sure, like I should believe you. Why are you even wasting your time over here? {Angry and hurt} 41
Anger 75 Scram, get out of my face, go! {Angry and frustrated} 42
Really? Funny how he spends most of his time with Lucy, then. Anger 75 That's not true! You're a liar! Shut your stupid face, liar! {Angry and on the verge of tears} 43
Sad 50 I know RJ likes me! He really does! Really! {Sobbing a little} 44
Sad 100 Just leave me alone, you mungo jerk! I hate you! 45
"Best friend"? You haven't got friends, Princess. Not RJ, not Sammy, not anyone. Sad 25 That isn't so! Stop lying! Stop being such a big mungo liar! {Breaking into tears} 46
Sad 75 This isn't fair! A big mean mungo picking on me! I hate you! {Spoken through sobs - really over the top.} 47
Sad 100 You... You jerk! Just shut up and leave me alone! Go away! {Crying inconsolably. Player should possibly feel bad for making a little girl cry.} 48
LLPrincessNickname3C I hear MacCready really put you where you belong at his feet. Sad 25 That isn't so! I just... didn't want to do it anymore, and... {Breaking into tears} 49
Sad 75 Just shut up! This isn't fair! A big, mean mungo is picking on me! I hate you! {Spoken through sobs - really over the top.} 50
Sad 100 Just leave me alone! Go away! Go! {Crying inconsolably. Player should possibly feel bad for making a little girl cry.} 51
Couldn't even handle the job for five minutes, huh? Anger 50 This bunch of idiots don't deserve me leading them! 52
Anger 75 They wouldn't know a real boss if one shot them in the ass! 53
LLPrincessShootingA Why would you have shot at me? Anger 25 Could've been a lot of reasons. Maybe you sounded like a monster in all that darkness. 54
Anger 50 Maybe you had a weapon drawn, and looked like a Raider. 55
Disgust 75 Maybe I just decided I didn't like your stupid, mungo face. 56
LLPrincessShootingB Shooting at me would have been a big mistake, kid. Surprise 25 Oh, really? That's a cute little imagination you've got. 57
Anger 50 But if you want to play make-believe, maybe you should do it with the younger brats. 58


GOODBYE I'm leaving. Get back to guarding. Anger 50 Oh, thank goodness you gave me permission. Jerk. {Dripping with sarcasm.} 59
I have to go now. Anger 50 About time. 60
HELLO HELLO Anger 75 Come on, start something again. I dare you. I double dog dare you. 61
HELLO Anger 50 Hey, dummy. 62
HELLO Anger 50 Hey, Sammy. 63
HELLO Anger 50 Hey, squirt. 64
HELLO Disgust 25 Are you talking to me? {obnoxious mean girl} 65
HELLO Disgust 50 Um. Yeah. Please go away. {obnoxious mean girl} 66
LLBackGateConv1 LLBackGateConv1 Anger 25 Hey, squirt! Hey, look at me when I talk to you. 67
LLBackGateConv1 Anger 25 Hey, little Miss Sammy! Pay attention! {Taunting Sammy for having a name that could be a girl's.} 68
LLBackGateConv3 LLBackGateConv3 Anger 25 If you don't get me a new gun next time you're topside, I'm gonna pound you so hard you'll get another inch shorter. 69
LLBackGateConv3 Anger 50 You getting a nickname any time soon? Maybe you can get one that helps people figure out you're not a girl. 70
LLKnockTales1 LLKnockTales1 Anger 50 Sure, get it over with. 71
LLKnockTales5 LLKnockTales5 Anger 50 Is that it? Thanks for wasting my time, Knock Knock. 72
LLMayorDailyCheck1 LLMayorDailyCheck1 Anger 50 All's clear on the back gate, RJ. No trouble, no action, no nothing. Most incredibly fucking boring job ever. 73
LLPrincessAngry LLPrincessAngry Anger 50 Get out of here, dummy! {Angry and frustrated} 74
LLPrincessAngry Anger 50 Damnit, Lucy! Leave me alone! {Angry and hurt} 75
LLPrincessAngry Anger 50 Get out of here, you jerk! 76
LLPrincessAngry Anger 50 Shut up before I pound you! 77
LLPrincessVictorious LLPrincessVictorious Happy 50 Ha ha! Now, scram! {Mocking laughter} 78
LLPrincessVictorious Happy 50 Yeah, run along and cry now! 79
LLRandomConv1 LLConversation1 Anger 50 Hrmf. What're you so happy about? {dismissive} 80
LLConversation1 Anger 50 Beat it, squirt. 81
LLRandomConv2 LLConversation2 Anger 50 What do you think? Get out of my face! {Sarcastic: "What do YOU think?"} 82
LLRandomConvEnding LLRandomConvEnding Anger 50 Okay, whatever you say. Bye. 83
LLWhatsUp1 LLWhatsUp1 Anger 50 Hrmf. What have you got to be happy about? {dismissive} 84
LLWhatsUp2 LLWhatsUp2 Anger 50 Just talking to morons who keep bugging me. Scram! 85
MS01StickyGoodbyeConv MS01StickyGoodbyeConv Anger 50 It's time to go! {bullying} 86
MS01StickyGoodbyeConv Disgust 50 You're a mungo now. You got to leave. {bullying} 87
MS01StickyGoodbyeConv Anger 75 Don't just stand there, get out of here already. {bullying} 88


NormalToCombat StartCombat Happy 50 Alright, some action! 89