The Primm sheriff's office is the local sheriff's home and office in Primm in 2281. It was formerly occupied by Sheriff McBain and his wife Mrs. McBain, but they have been killed in their sleep by the time the Courier first discovers them.


After entering, there is a reloading bench to the right. In the bedroom to the left are the two decapitated corpses of the McBains lying on the bed. Upon entry, a radio is playing in the office above the desk. Two cowboy repeaters in poor condition can be found, one under the bed, one under the reloading bench.

Notable lootEdit


  • Two escaped convicts appear near this building when first entering Primm.
  • If deciding to make Primm Slim the sheriff, the Courier can use this office as safe housing.
  • Note that after certain period of time after first visit, both corpses will disappear.
  • If McGee is made sheriff, he will take up residence in this home. He will be seen frequently at the desk in the office.


Primm sheriff's office appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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