Bzzzt... Law Enforcement Protocols reinstated, pardner. Initializing use of force authorization... authorization found. Yee-haw!

Primm Slim is a protectron in Primm in 2281.


Primm Slim is a guard robot, historian, and caretaker for the Vikki and Vance Casino. Primm Slim is also a huge source of information for the Courier and will speak at great lengths about Primm, Vikki, Vance, the Bison Steve Hotel and the casino.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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This character is involved in quests.


Vikki and Vance HistoryEdit

Yahoo! I ain't had a chance to tell their tale in a mess of years. First things first: any bosh you've heard about Vikki and Vance being copycats ain't nothing but ill-tempered slander. Fact is, they begun their crime spree two days before Bonnie and Clyde robbed their first bank - so who was copying who? Now true, Vikki and Vance didn't exactly cut a wide swath of murder and bank robbery across the central U.S., like Bonnie and Clyde did. It was more like a narrow swath of shoplifting, check-cashing fraud, and gas pump driveoffs - but crime is crime! They drove reckless, too. Having lived by the gun - well, Vance owned one, anyway - it was only fitting that the duo of desperados would die by the gun. Perhaps it was fate itself that accidentally drove them into a crossfire between police and a gang of bank robbers in Plano, Texas. Or maybe they just didn't notice until it was too late. It's been said that Vikki would have tried to cash a bad check in that bank, had she lived. We'll never know for sure. All we know is that the crossfire tore the car and both occupants to pieces, and the police issued an official apology. You can put your eyes on the genuine Death Car just over yonder, and there's Vance's machine gun in the case next to it!


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Cowboy hat Energy cell
Scrap metal


  • Primm Slim has a exceptional amount of health that increases with the player character's level. In fact, he is the single most durable character in the game.
    • Despite being durable, Slim lacks an attack mode, which leaves him unable to retaliate. However, attacking him will cause the rest of the Primm citizens to become hostile.
  • If Primm Slim is made sheriff, he can be heard on Radio New Vegas. Humorously, he does not appear to know the name of the town where he is sheriff, due to a missing data token.
  • Once made sheriff, he will make one patrol around Primm and then stand near the Bison Steve Hotel for the rest of the game, to the right of the building, underneath the coaster tracks by a garbage bin.
    • If the player character did not kill the convicts on the roller coaster near the Bison Steve hotel, they may attack Primm Slim after his patrol; Slim can eventually die since he cannot defend himself.
    • He may also be found wandering the Mojave Wasteland, though this is rare.
  • There is no dialogue option to return Vance's 9mm submachine gun, Vikki's bonnet, or Vance's lucky hat to Primm Slim.
    • After taking Vance's 9mm SMG, he will say "Always good to see you, pardner! Anything I can help you with?", but he won't initiate conversation. If this occurs before a sheriff is chosen by the player, it may remove Primm Slim as a candidate.
  • Primm Slim is one of the few robots in Fallout: New Vegas that has clothing in its inventory. Another example is Doctor Orderly MD PHD DDS from Old World Blues, which carries a Valence radii-accentuator.
    • Looting Primm Slim's hat from his corpse does not remove it from his model.
  • Primm Slim is never seen in the sheriff's office.
  • Even when patrolling outside, Primm Slim will still greet the Courier as if he was still in the casino.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "Loading public appeasement oration. Complete. Howdy, citizens. How about a Yee-Haw for law and order in the fine town of... error. Token not found."
  • "Have you gone loco, pardner? I can see the gun with my own three photo sensors from where I'm standing right now."
  • "Bzzzt... Law Enforcement Protocols reinstated, pardner. Initializing use of force authorization... authorization found. Yee-haw!"


Primm Slim appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kristen Altamirano created Primm Slim's unique model variant and Akil Hooper wrote Slim's dialogue.[1]


Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Sometimes Primm Slim can be found dead outside the NCR base opposite Primm. [verified]


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