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This is a transcript for dialogue with Deputy Beagle.


BeagleFleeingGoodbye Okay. Neutral 50 Thank you so much. {(gentlemanly)} 1
BeagleFollowAgain Let's get going. Neutral 50 And depart we will! 2
BeagleFollowStay Wait here. Neutral 50 Don't leave me here too long. I can't wait forever. 3
BeagleFollowWeapon Beagle, take a weapon. Neutral 50 I just hope I won't have to use it! 4
BeagleFollowing One more question Beagle. Neutral 50 What do you need? 5
BeagleHostage You must be Deputy Beagle. Neutral 50 Why, yes I am. It's a pleasure to meet you. {(gentlemanly)} 6
Neutral 50 I'm in a bit of a predicament{per-dicament} here. I'd be most appreciative if you'd set me free. {(gentlemanly; mispronunciation of "predicament" is intentional)} 7
Who are you? Neutral 50 Why, I am Deputy Beagle, and I am being held hostage. Can you imagine? {(gentlemanly)} 8
Neutral 50 I'd be most grateful if you would set me free. 9
How'd you end up being a hostage? Neutral 50 {Edited Line} I must say it's been the low point of my career in law enforcement... {(gentlemanly)} 10
Neutral 50 The Powder Gangers stole into town at night and murdered my sister and her husband, the sheriff, in bed, while I was sleeping in the office. 11
Neutral 50 I watched them for a bit, waiting for the right moment to pounce and arrest the lot of them. Taking careful notes as I watched. 12
Neutral 50 To my dismay, they found me while I waited in the shadows and brought me here. 13
I didn't cut you loose so you could run away. Stick with me! Neutral 50 Oh, that's so gracious of you, to offer to bodyguard me like that? But I'd only slow you down. See you outside! 14
Like I cut you loose just so you could run away? Like I don't want your help? Neutral 50 [FAILED] I know! It's incredibly generous and altruistic{alter-istic} of you. See you outside! 15
If you try to run away instead of fighting at my side, I'll kill you myself. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Oh! Why, uh, of course! I would never let you fight my kidnappers with my help. Uh, without it! You lead the way! 16
Sure, run away. You don't look like you'd be much help. Neutral 50 Then I'll defer to your superior appraisal of character and prowess in contests of arms and see you outside! 17
PC says goodbye to hostage
I've got to get going. Neutral 50 {sighs} I wonder what it's like to be able to "get going" whenever you like. {(gentlemanly)} 18
See you later. Neutral 50 I certainly hope so. It gets lonely down here on the floor. {(gentlemanly)} 19
Player turns the deputy loose
I'll set you free now. Neutral 50 Oh that's just marvelous. I think I'll be making my way outside now. The air's a little close in here. {(gentlemanly)} 20
Not yet.
Stay put for now. Neutral 50 No need to rush on my account. I lost feeling in my hands and legs hours ago. {(gentlemanly; tied up, unable to move)} 21
Stay put. Neutral 50 Well, in that case I'll just wait for you right here. {(gentlemanly; tied up, unable to move)} 22
That's right - you SHOULD thank me. Neutral 50 Well, thank you {emphasis} so much, so {emphasis} very much, for ruining my life. 23
What's your problem now? Neutral 50 {Edited Line} My problem is that I'm no longer a deputy. I'm just a Beagle now. 24
Neutral 50 Apparently two-and-a-half months of law enforcement experience doesn't count for anything. The new regime is just that - all new. 25
Neutral 50 He's rude. Just don't tell him I said it. Primm has a sheriff now, just not as supportive as I would've hoped. 26
What's your problem now? Neutral 50 {Edited Line} My problem is that I'm no longer a deputy. I'm just a Beagle now. 27
Neutral 50 Apparently two-and-a-half months of law enforcement experience doesn't count for anything. The new regime is just that: all new. 28
Neutral 50 He's a good sheriff but a hard man. He doesn't abide by anyone slinking by the rules. I guess there won't be any trouble, but the man's law is hard. 29
What's your problem now? Neutral 50 {Edited Line} My problem is that I'm no longer a deputy. I'm just a Beagle now. 30
Neutral 50 Slimm is alright, I don't wish him no harm, but the law to him is a set of logic. 31
Neutral 50 Not everything is black and white, not sure a robot can ever understand that. 32
BeagleSheriffBeagle What are you talking about? You're the sheriff now! Neutral 50 Oh no! I'm just the deputy. And I can't be a deputy without a sheriff. It's called chain of command! 33
BeagleSheriffGoodbye I'll be going now. Neutral 50 But - but the town doesn't have a Sheriff! I don't have an employer, and that means I don't have a job. 34
Neutral 50 If you think you might be able to help, come find me. I thank you for all you've done. 35
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Maybe next time you can bring a new sheriff back with you! 36
Goodbye. Neutral 50 All right. Goodbye. {(crestfallen)} 37
PC asks about the Sheriff's qualifications
What are the qualifications for a Sheriff? Neutral 50 It should be someone brave like you, but more of a homebody. Someone who'll settle down and watch over us. 38
Neutral 50 I heard the Powder Gangers talking about someone in the prison named Meyers who has some experience as a sheriff. He may be a good choice. 39
Neutral 50 Also with the NCR so close by, you may be able to get them to take over the town. Not sure why they haven't helped out already. 40
PC declines to find Primm a new sheriff
I don't have time to help Primm. Neutral 50 I know what it's like to have a busy schedule, but surely you can squeeze this in. 41
Neutral 50 If you run across someone whose bearing and experience screams "sheriff," simply tell him or her about Primm's perdicament. That's all it takes. {(mispronunciation of "perdicament" is intentional)} 42
BeagleSheriffStillLooking I'm still looking. Neutral 50 I do thank you so kindly for your efforts. 43
PC agrees to find a new Sheriff
I'll help bring law and order back to Primm. Neutral 50 You will? That's just marvelous! I'll start thinking up questions for the interview! 44
Neutral 50 The sheriff that was incarcerated up at NCRCF may be a good choice. 45
Neutral 50 You also may be able to convince that NCR guy across the road to take the town under his wing, although martial law doesn't sound so fun. 46
GREETING GREETING Fear 50 I've told you Powder Gangers everything I know! Please don't hit me anymore! {Terrified} 47
GREETING Surprise 15 Well look at that! You aren't a Powder Ganger after all. I'd suggest against wearing that outfit around the townsfolk. You may get shot by accident. 48
Neutral 50 I don't suppose you came here to rescue me? 49
GREETING Neutral 50 I don't suppose you came here to rescue me? I'd cross my fingers but my hands are numb. {(gentlemanly)} 50
GREETING Neutral 50 It would be so very delightful if you set me free. {(gentlemanly)} 51
GREETING Neutral 50 Please excuse me - I'm {exter-cating} extricating myself at the moment... {(gentlemanly; mispronunciation of "extricating" is intentional)} 52
GREETING Neutral 50 Apologies, but I'm quite busy until I reach safety! {(gentlemanly)} 53
GREETING Neutral 50 Well! That was quite an adventure. We taught those convicts a thing or two, didn't we? {(mispronunciation of "predicament" is intentional")} 54
Neutral 50 Breaking myself out of a hostage situation - not to diminish your role in it, of course - but it was quite thrilling. 55
Neutral 50 Problem is, there's still no law in Primm. What're we to do the next time ruffians menace us and hold us hostage? 56
GREETING Neutral 50 Well! That was quite a per-dicament you rescued me from, there in the Bison Steve. A most unpleasant experience. {(mispronunciation of "predicament" is intentional")} 57
Neutral 50 Going in alone to rescue a hostage! My brother-in-law was brave like that. Made a fine sheriff. Until the Powder Gangers killed him. 58
Neutral 50 Problem is, there's still no law in Primm. What're we to do the next time ruffians menace us and hold us hostage? 59
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, if it isn't the "lawbringer." {(genteel sarcasm on "lawbringer")} 60
GREETING Neutral 50 Hello again. I don't suppose you've decided to help Primm find its next sheriff? 61
GREETING Neutral 50 Any luck finding a suitable candidate for our next sheriff? 62
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh, it's you. 63
Neutral 50 {sighs} I suppose I should be thanking you for restoring the rule of law to Primm... 64
GREETING Neutral 50 I don't plan to come back to the Bison Steve much in the years to come. If I ever get out of it. {(gentlemanly)} 65
GREETING Neutral 50 I do hope this ordeal will be over soon. 66
GREETING Neutral 50 If we were to miss a convict or two in here, who'd know the difference? 67
What about Primm Slim? Could he be sheriff?
Do you think Primm Slim could be sheriff? Neutral 50 Well I reckon he could be a sheriff if you have the skills to reprogram him. 68
VMQ01BeagleJournal (Deputy Beagle's journal) VMQ01BeagleJournal Neutral 50 {Edited Line} {Speaking in Audio Log/Journal} This is most unusual! The Powder Gangers have visitors today. I guess there's a first for everything! 69
Neutral 50 Now those tough-looking fellows must be Great Khans. I recognize those funny helmets and leather vests from stories I've heard... 70
Neutral 50 So what are they doing with that dapper gentleman who wears a checked suit? I wouldn't mind a suit like that. 71
Neutral 50 They're talking about heading south toward Nipton, then west to Novac where they'll meet up with someone... 72
Neutral 50 I guess I could track them if I needed to, but {beat, cowardly justification} the town of Primm needs me here, to serve and protect. 73
Neutral 50 Oh my. I think I've been spotted... 74
Any idea what the NCR's up to in Primm?
Do you know if the NCR has any plans to attack the prison north of here? Neutral 50 I would certainly hope that someone should handle it! Not that they tell me anything. 75
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmDeputyTopic000 What are you doing in here? Fear 50 Well, a deputy isn't much good without a sheriff. {cowardly and hesitant} So I figured I'd come in here and protect these good people until someone finds us a new one. 76
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmDeputyTopic001 I hear you may have information on some Khans that came through here with a guy in a checkered suit. Neutral 50 {Edited Line} Indeed I do good sir, and I would be thrilled to share that information with you as soon as I am released from captivity. 77
I hear you may have information on some Khans that came through here with a guy in a checkered suit. Neutral 50 {Edited Line} My good lady, I believe I may have some information that would prove useful. 78
Neutral 50 If you would just untie my hands I'd be more than happy to share what information I have with you. 79
Can you tell me about the people who passed through town now? Neutral 50 {Edited Line} I'm in quite a state here. If you help me with my bonds I'll be more than happy to tell you anything, and everything about those Khans. 80
Can you tell me about the man in the checkered suit who came through here? Neutral 50 {Edited Line} Ahh yes, my memory is much clearer now that I am free from my bondage. 81
Neutral 50 I was sku{skulking, rethinking} ... er, performing recon, gathering information on some of the Powder Gangers, when some great Khans arrived with your friend in the suit. 82
Neutral 50 They were talking about some delivery they took from a courier, I assume that was you. 83
Neutral 50 They said they'd be heading through Nipton to Novac to meet a contact there. 84
Can you tell me where the man in the checkered suit went again? Neutral 50 {Edited Line} I overheard them saying that they are on their way to Novac. If you want to follow them I strongly suggest that you follow the road through Nipton. 85
Neutral 50 There are a lot of dangerous things out in the desert, and you won't have me with you to protect you, as I need to stay here and keep Primm safe. 86
<Speech Options>
You can tell me or you can rot in here. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Well, you look to be the trustworthy sort. Okay, I'll tell you what I know. 87
I'll free you... right after you tell me... Neutral 50 [FAILED] I'm sure you mean well, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait until I'm in a calmer emotional state before my memory is going to function. 88