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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lieutenant Hayes.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 I'm Lieutenant Hayes of the New California Republic Army, 5th Battalion, 1st Company. What's your business? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Yeah? 2
LtHayesGoodbye I should be going. Neutral 50 Fine by me. 3
PC asks Hayes to establish law in Primm
Primm is in dire need of some real law. Neutral 50 We know Primm is a great strategic point, and we aren't blind to the needs of the town, but we're barely holding our own against the Powder Gangers. 4
Neutral 50 We don't have the guns or the personnel needed to carry out our mission, much less take on defending this town as well. 5
I'd like to talk to you about protecting Primm. Neutral 50 Have you gotten us any additional support yet? 6
I got extra troop support for Primm. Neutral 50 Yes, I just got word of that. There's a squad of rangers standing by. 7
Neutral 50 Sergeant McGee will take over as sheriff and the rangers will be his deputies. This town will be an NCR territory. 8
Neutral 50 This means that aside from protection, the citizens will also need to become registered NCR citizens and pay any appropriate and associated taxes. 9
I want to talk about that NCR protecting Primm. Neutral 50 That ranger squad is still standing by, and McGee is anxious to take over as sheriff. Are you ready for me to make the call? 10
Never mind, I'll find someone else.
I'll look for another solution. Neutral 50 Yeah, good luck with that. 11
LtHayesPrisonAttack Classified or not, I want to help make the attack. Neutral 50 Some Powder Gangers did you wrong, is that it? Get in line. 12
Neutral 50 Still, you do look capable enough, and manpower hasn't been easy to come by... 13
Neutral 50 All right. Fine by me if you want to put yourself in harm's way. I'll mark the staging area on your map. Talk to Sergeant Lee. 14
LtHayesPrisonAttackDont Tell them to call off the attack on the prison, or they'll get wiped out. Neutral 50 I don't remember saying there was going to be an attack on the prison, waster. You've overstayed your welcome. 15
LtHayesPrisonAttackFail The attack on the prison was a success. Neutral 50 That explains why there's been no sit-rep from Sergeant Lee. 16
Neutral 50 It took months to get authorization for that assault. It'll be a long time before we take on the Powder Gangers again. 17
LtHayesPrisonAttackSpeech I want to help your troops take the prison back. Believe me. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Some Powder Gangers did you wrong, is that it? Well, get in line. 18
Neutral 50 Still, you do look capable enough, and manpower hasn't been easy to come by... 19
Neutral 50 All right. If you want to put yourself in harm's way, I'll help you do it. I'll mark the staging area on your map. Talk to Sergeant Lee. 20
But I could help the troops attack the prison, you know? Neutral 50 [FAILED] I don't know how they'll do it without you - if they are going to do it - but I guess they'll have to manage. Now get out of here. 21
LtHayesPrisonAttackSuccess The attack on the prison was a success. Neutral 50 I'm not surprised. Criminals like to act tough, but they're no match for military discipline. 22
LtHayesVMS04ChompsDead There was another man involved at Sloan, but he's dead. Neutral 50 I see. Thanks for saving us the trouble. 23
LtHayesVMS04ExposeChomps Chomps Lewis, the foreman at Sloan, was also involved. Neutral 50 All right. I'll have him brought in for questioning. 24
LtHayesVMS04ExposeTyrone Tyrone has been selling chemical supplies to the Great Khans. Here - I got these from him. Anger 5 Tyrone wasn't authorized to deliver any of this. There were reports of our supplies being used by the Great Khans to make illegal chems. 25
Anger 15 Until now, we've never had any hard evidence. Most of the chems end up with the Fiends, a group of crazies the NCR tangles with regularly. 26
Happy 5 We'll have to conduct a thorough investigation of all our quartermasters, and crack down on sloppy record-keeping. Thank you. 27
Neutral 50 Other than Tyrone, were any other NCR citizens involved in this smuggling operation? 28
LtHayesVMS04HideChomps <Lie> No, there wasn't anyone else. Neutral 50 All right. Thanks for all your help. 29
What are you doing out here?
What are you doing out here? Neutral 50 We were sent out here to hold back the tide of convicts from the correctional facility. 30
Neutral 50 As you can probably tell, we aren't doing the kind of job we could be doing. 31
Any idea what the NCR's up to in Primm?
Does the NCR have any plans to attack the prison north of here? Neutral 50 Military operations are classified information. The brass is familiar with the situation at the NCRCF. 32
I know the NCR is planning to attack the prison. Neutral 50 Military operations are classified information. 33
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic000 What's the problem with your mission? Neutral 50 The mission isn't a problem. The problem is with supplies. The convicts are better armed and organized than our intel initially suggested. 34
Neutral 50 I'm trying to get some reinforcements here, maybe some guns with some firepower, but... shit... things are just going slow. 35
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic001 Tell me about the correctional facility. Neutral 50 Most people just call it NCRCF. That's NCR Correctional Facility{As an aside, explaining the acronym} . 36
Neutral 50 A little bit ago the convicts there staged a coup, killed the guards that weren't able to escape, and have been ransacking the area since then. 37
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic002 Do you have any information on the convicts? Neutral 50 Not much. They've taken to calling themselves Powder Gangers. Mostly because they've taken to using the explosives meant to clear boulders as weapons. 38
Neutral 50 They got organized faster than I would have thought, most of them at least. 39
Neutral 50 Thankfully the small group in town here seem to have split off from the main force, so they aren't getting anything in the way of support. 40
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic003 I have some other questions. Neutral 50 I have some free time, ask away. 41
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic004 That's it for now. Neutral 50 Goodbye. 42
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic005 What do you need to take over protecting the town? Neutral 50 What we need, more than anything, is bodies. 43
Neutral 50 If we had just one more squad, we could easily install a sheriff and still handle our primary objective of protecting the interstate south of here. 44
Neutral 50 If you'd like to see the NCR include protection of Primm in its duties, then you'll have to get some more troops up here. 45
Neutral 50 Knight, at Mojave outpost, may be able to help. 46
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic006 Who did you say I should talk to again? Neutral 50 Knight, he's at Mojave outpost. 47
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic007 Not yet, but I will soon. Neutral 50 Roger. 48
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic008 Yes. Tell the troops to come protect Primm. Neutral 50 Roger, I'll radio them over now. 49
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic009 Let me think about it. Neutral 50 It's your choice, but those rangers are only coming if we get our support. 50
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic010 What's the New California Republic? Neutral 50 Where do you come from that you haven't heard of the NCR? Nevermind, it doesn't matter much. 51
Neutral 50 If you haven't heard of us, you must not be from the Legion. Put simply, the NCR is the greatest nation currently functioning. 52
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic011 Can you tell me more about the NCR? Neutral 50 Sure can. The NCR was founded from the survivors of one of the great Vaults. We started as a small settlement called Shady Sands. 53
Neutral 50 We now consist of 5 states, that make up the greatest nation since the Great War. 54
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic012 What's the Legion? Anger 75 Caesar's Legion.{Lots of spite} 55
Anger 30 A bunch of degenerate slavers, led by a madman who calls himself Caesar. Every one of them is a barbarian to the last. 56
Anger 25 I've even heard one of their leaders, the Legate or something, goes around with a human skull on his head. Savages to the last. 57
nVPrimmDeputyConvPrimmCorporalHayesTopic014 Why is the NCR interested in this desert? Neutral 50 It is no secret. Our interest here is two fold. 58
Neutral 50 First, we want to remain in control of Hoover Dam. It supplies the Republic with power, and is a source of fresh water. 59
Neutral 50 Second, we want to prevent the Legion from advancing across the Colorado River and endangering the home states. 60


PrimmNCRSheriffConvo PrimmNCRSheriffConvo Neutral 50 Are you ready to depart for Primm? 61
PrimmNCRSheriffConvo Neutral 50 Ok, we have some soldiers heading to town now. I'll have them sweep the Bison Steve before they start regular patrols. 62