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This page is about the scavenger. For the robot, see Liberty Prime.
I left the usual breadcrumbs all over some of the info terminals in this place; their computer security was a joke.— Prime on a terminal in the Museum of Technology

Prime is found dead at Dot's Diner near the Jury Street Metro station in 2277. His eye, however, can be found in a trailer park southeast from the station, lying on a brick near a table.


Two hackers were attempting to divide some loot spoils, and Jiggs never made it out of the Museum of Technology alive, or survived long enough to solve a riddle Prime posed for him.[1]

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Essential: Icon cross
Enslavable: Icon cross
Companion: Icon cross
Bounty: Icon cross
Merchant: Icon cross
Repairman: Icon cross
Doctor: Icon cross
Rents bed/room: Icon cross
Starts quests: Icon cross
Involved in quests: Icon check


Jiggs' Loot: Prime has left notes in certain terminals in the Museum of Technology in order to help his partner Jiggs find "his share of the loot".

Effects of player's actionsEdit

Prime's corpse will only appear after you answer the three terminals in the Museum of Technology correctly.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Merc cruiser outfit Xuanlong assault rifle Bottle cap x500


Prime appears dead in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

Prime's name is a hint to how to solve the quest Jiggs' Loot: the three numbers that unlock the treasure cache are all prime numbers.


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