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Primary statistics are numerical representations of a character's inherent abilities. In the SPECIAL character system, there are seven primary statistics, an acronym of the statistics themselves. The primary statistics form the base for all derived statistics.


Primary statistics cannot go below 1 or above 10 during character creation and can be later affected via in-game means. In Fallout and Fallout 2, the primary statistics cannot go below 1 or above 10 even with bonuses in-game.

List of primary statistics


In Fallout 3, stats are chosen via the You're SPECIAL book found in Vault 101. In Fallout: New Vegas one chooses their stats via the Vit-o-matic Vigor Tester in Doc Mitchell's house. In Fallout 4, they are chosen while interacting with the Vault-Tec rep at one's house in Sanctuary Hills. In Fallout 76, a new SPECIAL system was introduced.


In Fallout 3 the primary statistics can be raised by in-game means such as by finding items, such as bobbleheads. For example, if one has 10 Agility and then finds the Agility bobblehead, the statistic is still represented as 10 in the Pip-Boy. but if there ever is a negative modifier - for example, metal armor (Agility -1) - the Agility stat will still show 10, because one's Agility is technically 11. This can be confirmed on the PC version of the game using the command player.getav.

In Fallout Tactics, each race has some points distributed already at character creation. In Fallout Tactics, bonuses from items can increase the statistics beyond their natural racial maximum and can reach as high as 16. Generally, humans have 40 points to distribute among their characteristics. The numbers for other races are 42 for ghouls, 40 for super mutants, 41 for deathclaws, 45 for humanoid robots, and 35 for dogs. Races with more than 40 character points have a slower Perk Rate.


Primary statistics