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Pride One is a Brotherhood of Steel vertibird in 2277.


Seized from the Enclave through unknown means before the Battle of Adams Air Force Base, Scribe Vallincourt worked towards its operation,[1] and a radio link between the aircraft and the Citadel was set up.[2] After the Lone Wanderer fired the missiles from the mobile base crawler, the vertibird picked up the Lone Wanderer for evacuation, and flew back to the Citadel. If the Citadel was not destroyed, the vertibird will drop off the team and then fly southwards towards Arlington Library, its destination unknown.


Pride One appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


  1. Vallincourt's dialogue: "I've got just piles and piles of Enclave technology to take apart and put back together. Who do you think got our captured Vertibird flying?"
  2. Brotherhood pilot's dialogue: "Citadel Control, this is Pride One... Citadel Control, come in."
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