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This is a transcript for dialogue with Prickett's Fort curator.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 TWZ13_CuratorIntro 0011C8F3 You must be from the Archeological Preservation team.
2 I have a real problem here. While building new outhouses, we discovered the remains of a civil war union soldier.
3 Although the body is highly irradiated and strangely fresh. It's almost like it died twenty years ago instead of 200.
4 Now I need you to properly inter the body in the Philippi Cemetery. And it needs to be done before our next reenactment.
5 00142227 I tell you, it's not right. Bodies shouldn't be popping up just anywhere. It's almost like a lot of people died recently.
6 00143277 These bones are strangely well preserved, as if they were only a couple of decades old, but that can't be.
7 00143278 Those remains need a proper burial. Although they seem awfully fresh for a civil war soldier.
8 TWZ13EBSBranch 0039AF86 Hello there.


# Scene Form ID Response Texts Script Notes
9 TW009IntroScene 00267FA3 You've come at the perfect time. We were just about to hold a re-enactment of the Battle of Prickett's Fort.
10 Today we are running the Union defense of the fort from Confederate attackers.
11 You'll be pleased to know that I've given them all real guns for extra realism. It's a nice touch, don't you think?
12 When everyone is in the staging areas, I'll give the signal to begin the assault.
13 Whichever team racks up the most kills get the best prizes.
14 0014BAA4 The union camp is in the fort. The confederate camp is in the parking lot.
15 0029591F Each side has been reprogrammed to have fighting chants. Aren't they just wonderful?
16 00295C3F I see you've chosen to side with the brave Union defenders. They usually get slaughtered to the man. Have fun!
17 00295C40 I see you've chosen to side with the heroic Confederate attackers. They usually take heavy losses. Have fun!
18 00295C41 Interesting fact about Prickett's Fort. The original was actually miles from here.
19 Sadly the original location was unavailable, so the reconstruction was placed here.
20 00295C42 My apologies if I get your way. It really can't be helped if I'm to regale you with the history of Prickett's Fort.
21 00295C43 Another fascinating tidbit is that the fort didn't actually look like this.
22 00295C44 The builders of the fort used historical documentation that turned out to be almost pure fiction.
23 00295C45 So Prickett's Fort is technically a representational frontier fort. It looks nothing like the real thing.
24 002980AC Speaking of frontier forts, Prickett's fort never saw action in the Civil War. It was built strictly to defend settlers from natives.
25 002980AD Civil War re-enactments are so much more exciting, so we decided to stage a representational battle here.
26 002980AE This re-enactment has nothing to do with real history, but it sure is fun. Of course cleaning up the blood and oil is not much fun.
27 004F69DA Civil war re-enactments can be thirsty work. Why not get an ice cold Nuka-cola?
28 004F69DB Speaking of the real thing, Nuka-cola is a real drink for people who are really thristy.
29 005215CE You want to be a Confederate soldier? Then get up there and take that fort.
30 005215CF Confederate forces are mustering in the parking lot.
31 005215D0 You want to be a Union soldier? Then get in there and defend that fort.
32 005215D1 Union forces are mustering inside Prickett's Fort.
33 00525D0A Oh! A visitor. I am the curator for Prickett's Fort.
36 TW009_Finale 002980AF The Union was victorious! The fort has been saved!
37 002980B0 The Confederates were victorious! The fort is theirs!
38 0034A478 The two sides have battled to a draw. Well done both of you.
39 0034A479 Well that was a dud of a battle. No blood. No machine parts. No fun.
40 001769A2 If there ever had been a real civil war battle here, I'm sure it would have gone exactly like this.
41 Now let's all go to the gift shop for ice cream and souvenirs!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
4 0014901B 00143538 Prickett's Fort is a classic example of a frontier fort.
5 00143539 Of course the real Prickett's Fort was located some miles away. When the railroads were built it was demolished.
6 0014355C I must also confess that the references used to reconstruct Prickett's Fort were later to discovered to be highly exaggerated.
7 0014355E Prickett's Fort is fun for the whole family.