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While the battle for Prickett's Fort never happened, we will be running a re-enactment of what such a battle may have been like.— Robot guide

Prickett's Fort Frontier Monument,[1] known as just Prickett's Fort in-game, is a location in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia.


A historical fort was reconstructed at the location, using exaggerated references to create a much more elaborate fortified complex than the one that existed previously. It was placed several miles away from its actual location, and referred to as a "representational" example of frontier forts.[2]

The Society for the Preservation of Historical Recreations, together with the town of Grafton, invested heavily in the fort, maintaining the reconstruction and, in order to increase its attractiveness to tourists, creating a speculative Civil War reenactment.[3][4]


Prickett's Fort is a fairly sizable complex that is spread out among the rocks on the Appalachian slopes. Just off the road, in the western part of the area, are the parking lots together with the museum and reception cabin. The curator is located here. There are three main areas, including the buildings surrounding the parking lot, the gift shop and the fort itself. Up the trail from the parking is a representative blacksmith shop. Most exhibits have an interactive display that can be activated to listen to a short description of the item and area in question.

Further up the trail is the fort itself, with numerous timber structures. These include a mess hall, barracks, and numerous watchtowers with a variety of low-level loot. There are two cooking stations located inside of the fort. There are also several bundles of animal hide scattered around, a good source of leather, in addition to piles of stacked firewood that can be easily collected. A mothman can spawn to the east on the overlook. Behind the blacksmith building is an outhouse with a dead Vault 94 ambassador. Down the slope from the fort lies the main gift shop, offering another stop for minor loot.

Notable loot

  • Isabel Smith-Waltz's journal - Holotape, on a barrel in the lookout tower near the blacksmith's shop.
  • Potential power armor mod - Inside the eastern cabin labeled 'Audio Tour Station 5' at the rear of the fort, on the first floor, on a wooden shelf.
  • Potential weapon mod - Inside the gift shop, in the middle aisle on the right side, on the ground.
  • Potential recipe - To the right of the cooking station behind the mess hall building inside the fort, on an unstacked wooden crate.
  • Significant number of wood piles in the fort.


Prickett's Fort appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

  • Level designer Craig Bernardo worked on this location's design and creation.[5]
  • Prickett's Fort corresponds to the real-world Prickett's Fort State Park. The "fort" was little more than a log fence built around the house of Jacob Prickett, where families in the area would flee to if they thought they were in danger of attack from Native Americans. The location was never attacked.



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