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Price is a chem dealer that formerly operated in Westside, and is now incarcerated in an NCR prison in 2281.


A paranoid and possibly schizophrenic individual,[1] Price was a chem dealer operating in Westside that supplied ingredients to the local gangs in the area, such as the Fiends and the Scorpions.[2] An NCR investigation into chems trafficking in the outer Vegas area led by Lt. Boyd and Ranger Keller unearthed evidence of Price's dealings. He was subsequently arrested and booked into an NCR facility and is being held for questioning.[3]

Price negotiated with suppliers such as the Camp McCarran quartermaster Contreras to deliver chem ingredients.[4] It is one of these packages that the supply officer soon sends his messenger, the Courier, to run to Price, unaware that the NCR police have caught up with him first and is now in their custody.


Price is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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