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The pressure gauge, damaged pressure gauge and destroyed pressure gauge are a series of three miscellaneous quest items in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.



  • The pressure gauge is retrieved from a yellow machine in a side room of the upper chambers of the ATLAS substructure during the quest Mother of Invention. The variant of the pressure gauge that is acquired depends on the option chosen when interacting with the machine. Strength 4+ is required to get the pressure gauge in good condition, by removing the screws and fighting through the rust.
  • A non-quest version of the pressure gauge at one time could be retrieved from Arktos Pharma biome lab, on the ground next to the deposit machine in habitat A, however it no longer appears there.


All of the quest items retrieved during the latter half of Mother of Invention, during the "Extract components from the ATLAS machines" objective and including the pressure gauge, are removed from the player character's inventory upon speaking with Scribe Valdez at the conclusion of the quest.

Behind the scenes

The name of the model used for the pressure gauge is misspelled as PressureGuage.