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The Presidential Cottage security recording is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found in the Whitespring Resort's Presidential Cottage, on the Presidential Cottage and Museum terminal, staff access section.


*door creaks*

Young Woman: Brody?

Brody: Hey.


Young Woman: You're late.

Brody: I know, I know. Sorry. This is Blackwater territory - we've had issues with them lately.

Young Woman: Spare me. Any news?

Brody: The last two raids have gone well. We lost a couple of guys, but nothing like before. The boss said he'd take your deal.

Young Woman: Finally.

Brody: I can't believe it. Babe, you and I are moving up in the world. Do you have the tape?

Young Woman: Not yet. I found the program I need. Meet me here next week, and I'll have it for you. Until then, I've got another ambush site picked out. You think you can do this?

Brody: Hmm. Lewisburg? Yeah, Kerry's gang is down that way.

Young Woman: All right, I'll set it up. Anything else?

Brody: No, we're good. See you next week.

*footsteps, door closes*

Young Woman: Idiot.