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Preservation of technology is a holotape in Fallout 76. It begins the repeatable quest Forbidden Knowledge, which involves collecting technical data and depositing them in a secure location in the basement of Camp Venture.


The tape can be found in two locations:


Roger Maxson: Congratulations, Appalachia. Paladin Taggerdy told me of your victory at Huntersville. I know it was costly, but future generations will thank you. As I'm thanking you now. It makes me proud. But that's not why I'm calling.

One of the Brotherhood's standing orders is being on the look out for valuable technology. Anything that would help us in our efforts. But as I look in every direction I see chaos. The lights are out, and men have become little better than barbarians. Civilization. Civilization is something I think of every day. I know Lizzy's probably sick of the word by now.

To rebuild that. To reclaim that. Our successors are going to need the secrets of the past. And those secrets are in danger of slipping through our fingers forever. So far our Scribes have been tools to help protect our Knights and maintain our bases. That needs to change. The Brotherhood is going to be more than an armed fighting force, we're going to be guardians of civilization.

So we have to grab every schematic, every holotape, every book, and every goddamned note that holds the building blocks of the Old World before it's too late. Our Scribes will hold onto them, preserve them, perhaps even progress beyond them. And the Knights will protect them. Like a hard shell around a precious seed. One day, when the time is right, that seed will grow. And a new civilization will be born.

This... This is why we were born, don't you see it? Helping your fellow man is a good goal, a soldier's goal. But this... We will be the catalyst that changes the world. I'm sure you have questions, Paladin Taggerdy is fully briefed. I have every faith in you, Appalachia. Elder Maxson out.