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The United States dollar,[1] commonly called pre-War money, was the official currency of the United States of America before the Great War. They appear as a bound stack of banknotes in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout 76 and Fallout Shelter.


United States dollars (USD) were the pre-War currency of the United States of America.[2][3] Pre-War money appears as a bound stack of banknotes, and is used to represent undisclosed large sums of cash.[4][5] Although the United States and its economy were eliminated in the Great War, automated pre-War vendors continued to recognize the validity of the dollar.[6][Fallout 2d20 1] Outside of this limited usage, pre-War money is seen as worthless (in terms of currency) by people of the wasteland, though it still has value as kindling.[7]

Various coin denominations, such as pennies, dimes, and quarters, are mentioned throughout the games via dialogue and text, such as a 50-cent cost printed on the front of pay phones and 25-cent cost on the magazine vending machines. $20 bills appear most prominently in the games, while $100 bills are also referenced.[8][9]

Prices throughout the series

Throughout the wastelands, pre-War cost of various products, including foodstuffs, vehicles, literature, and entertainment, are shown.

Value of the dollar
Item Price Games Refs
Corvega Coupe $199,999.99 Fallout [10]
Vault 13 construction costs $400 billion (projected)
$645 billion (actual)
Fallout [11]
Calculator's backup systems in Vault 0 $24 billion
$2.3 billion (after cuts)
Fallout Tactics [12]
Vault 0 leisure amenities $12.4 billion Fallout Tactics [12]
Gasoline per gallon $7450.99 (regular)
$8500.99 (premium)
Fallout Tactics [13]
Giddyup Buttercup $16,000 Fallout 3 [14]
Pulowski Preservation shelter Approx. $1.50 per use ($0.25 in concept art) Fallout 3 [15]
Violation of the New Amended Espionage Act $500.00 Fallout 3 [16]
Capitol Post newspaper $56.00 Fallout 3 [17]
D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine $48.00 Fallout 3 [18]
Big Ranch Nevada State Lotto Jackpot $11,000,000.00 Fallout: New Vegas [19]
Sierra Madre Casino & Resort chip (1) $100.00 Dead Money [20]
Astoundingly Awesome Tales $29.00 per issue Fallout 4 [21]
Boston Bugle $56.00 per issue Fallout 4 [22]
Boylston Club annual membership fee $500,000 Fallout 4 [23]
Vehicle coolant from a Red Rocket station $103.99 (Class A coolant)
$113.99 (Class C coolant)
Fallout 4
Fallout 76
General Atomics Galleria bowling $5,000.00 per game Fallout 4 [25]
Grognak the Barbarian $23.00 per issue Fallout 4 [26]
Guns and Bullets $33.00 per issue Fallout 4 [27]
Hot Rodder $35.00 per issue Fallout 4 [28]
Joe's Spuckies Meatball Spuckie/Large Tonic special $55.00 Fallout 4 [29]
La Coiffe $43.00 per issue Fallout 4 [30]
Live & Love $39.00 per issue Fallout 4 [31]
Pay phone use $0.50 per call, $0.25 for emergency calls Fallout 4 -
Picket Fences $32.99 per issue Fallout 4 [32]
RobCo Fun $40.00 per issue Fallout 4 [33]
Slocum's Joe large coffee/jelly donut special $30.00 Fallout 4 [34]
Tesla Science Magazine $35.00 per issue Fallout 4 [35]
Unstoppables $15.00 per issue Fallout 4 [36]
Bio med gel Approx. $1,000.00 per pint Automatron [37]
Harbor Grand Hotel $118,764.32 per night (including tax/fees) Far Harbor [38]
Cappy ashtray Small: $20.00, Large: $30.00 Nuka-World [39]
Cappy's Candy Cigarettes $5.00 per pack Nuka-World [39]
Slocum's Joe donuts $22.00 each, $200.00 per dozen Creation Club [40]
Slocum's Joe coffee Single espresso: $12.00, Large coffee: $15.00, Cappuccino: $17.00, Double espresso: $18.00 Creation Club [40]
Potential fine for improper Watoga Emergency Services report filing $1,000.00 Fallout 76 [41][42][43]
West Virginia "Lucky Hits!" Lottery Company Jackpot $300,000.00 Fallout 76 [44]
Great Appalachian Sweepstakes 2nd Prize $100,000.00 Fallout 76 [4]
Watoga Estates price listing $134,000.00 Fallout 76 [45]
Cranberry Heights price listing $220,000.00 Fallout 76 [46]
Rockwell Clearing House cash prize $100,000,000.00 Fallout 76 [47]
Slocum's Joe coffee $28.00 Fallout 76 [48]
Newspaper $1.00, Monday - Friday Fallout 76 [49]
West Virginia "Lucky Hits!" Lottery Company lottery ticket $5.00 Steel Dawn [50]


Green seal

Pre-war money.png
Gameplay articles: Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas

A stack of pre-War bills, bound with a green band.

Red seal

Gameplay articles: Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Fallout Shelter

A stack of pre-War $20 bills, bound with a red band.



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Fallout 2d20
  1. Fallout 2d20 Rulebook p.84: "Pre-War money can still be found, but it’s more of a novelty or collector’s item these days. Those stacks and bundles of green banknotes can be traded for a tidy little stack of caps if you know who to sell them to, and there are a few places— often with still-functioning vending machines— which still accept these old notes as money."
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