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Pre-War businesswear is a type of clothing found in Fallout 3. They come in two variants, which have identical stats and can be used to repair each other.


Grimy pre-War businesswear

Grimy pre-War businesswear consists of a dark gray suit with a red tie, while the female outfit consists of a dark gray jacket and matching skirt that reaches to the knees.

Dirty pre-War businesswear

Dirty pre-War businesswear is a light tan pinstriped suit and black tie for men, and a light tan jacket and skirt to the knees for women.

Power-suit armor

Power-suit armor is cut content from Fallout 3, appearing only in the game's files. In addition to a DR similar to light armor (+20), it also adds one point to both Agility and Charisma, with a Speech bonus of only +3, which is 2 less than regular businesswear, with a value doubled to 12 caps.



  • There are no "clean" variants of pre-War businesswear; they are all dirty or grimy.