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Pre-War businesswear is a type of clothing found in Fallout: New Vegas. They come in two variants, which have identical stats and can be used to repair each other.


Grimy pre-War businesswear

It uses Fallout 3's dirty pre-War businesswear texture on male characters. The women's outfit has a dark gray color as seen in Fallout 3, but with a skirt that only reaches halfway to the knees.

Dirty pre-War businesswear

Men wear the same outfit as in Fallout 3, while women wear a dark blue jacket and skirt that reaches only halfway to the knees.

President Kimball's suit

President Kimball's suit consists of a clean dark blue suit with a white shirt and NCR flag lapel pin, and as the name implies, is worn by NCR President Aaron Kimball. This unique variant can be acquired should Kimball die during Arizona Killer, or You'll Know It When It Happens.


  • All the members of the Omertas wear the dirty variant.
  • All the members of the Chairmen wear the grimy variant.
  • Ralph sells both variants.


  • There are no "clean" variants of pre-War businesswear; they are all dirty or grimy.
  • There are multiple texture issues associated with pre-War businesswear in Fallout: New Vegas;
    • The female version of the dirty businesswear accidentally uses the same texture as President Kimball's suit.
    • The male version of the grimy businesswear accidentally uses the same texture as the dirty version. When the item is dropped it uses the correct grimy texture for the world model, although it will switch back to dirty if re-equipped. This also causes the Omertas and Chairmen to appear to be in the same suit, when they both wear different variants. The Omertas wear the dirty variant which is correctly textured, whereas all of the members of the Chairmen are set to wear the grimy variant, but because of the misplaced texture appear to wear the dirty variant.