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A pre-War book is a book that has not been destroyed, burned, or otherwise rendered unreadable. It is a fairly rare miscellaneous item.


Pre-War books in the Capital Wasteland come in two different versions, green and rare blue. Aside from use as Rock-It Launcher ammunition, the green books are desired by the Brotherhood of Steel. Specifically, the Brotherhood Scribe Yearling, located within the Arlington Library, who will give 10 XP and 100 bottle caps per book for contributing these to their archives.


  • Rare blue
  • Green


Rare Blue

The rare blue version (PreWarBook) does not appear in any base game locations, but it does appear three times in Broken Steel and once in Point Lookout.

Location Amount Description
Broken Steel
Jefferson Memorial Museum and Gift Shop 2 After the Brotherhood of Steel takes control of the memorial, 1 is on the small desk to the right of the safe, and 1 is in the open locker to the left of the safe.
Abandoned barn northwest of the Montgomery County Reservoir 1 On an oil drum in the barn loft.
Point Lookout
Marcella's tent 1 On the desk, by the terminal.
  • Sold by hunters, scavengers, and merchants; Michael Masters usually has two in his inventory should you help Roy Phillips and the ghouls take over Tenpenny Tower.
  • Sometimes found on bodies of abominations on Mothership Zeta.


The green version (BookGeneric01) appears 98 times in the base game, and 3 times in Point Lookout.

Location Amount Description
Alexandria Arms 1 In the large room upstairs, atop an L-shaped counter along the northern wall of the room. The room is east from the entrance through a set of double doors.
Arlington Library 10 3 in the Lobby, 5 in the Children's Wing, and 2 in the media archives.
Anchorage Memorial 3 3 in the utility room.
Bethesda ruins 2 Only room on the second floor of the Bethesda Offices West, on top of the filing cabinets to the west.
Calverton 1 In a house with a scavenger and his dog, far east of the main town area. The house can be found by following the power lines east past the aforementioned truck, a billboard, and a series of small shacks just before reaching a large power pylon. The book is on a table to the right of a couch under a small scorched book, and it must be stolen.
The Capitol Building 1 In the East Entrance section on the fallen cabinet next to the desk with the Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor on it.
Charnel House 2 NW in a mined ruined house with sandbags, occupied by a scavenger.
Chryslus Building 1 Room above the building basement doorway
Cliffside cavern 1 Towards the northwest chamber inside of a tent on a small round table. There will also be a mini nuke in the same tent. The location is where the raider with a missile launcher is at.
Clifftop shacks 1 In the abandoned shack east of the bridge.
Dupont Circle 1 On a bookcase in an abandoned house guarded by raiders. Northwest of Dupont East and south of Dupont Northeast.
Farragut West station 3 Inside an Average locked storeroom near the Tenleytown/Friendship station exit.
Fort Constantine 3 2 in CO Quarters, 1 in the Launch Control Bunker.
Franklin Metro utility 3 2 in the upstairs part of the first room (go through the whole level to get there). 1 in Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro inside the diner on the upper right corner table.
Germantown Police HQ 1 In the cell block next to the computer where Red is locked up.
Hubris Comics 2 1 in the Publishing, 1 in Printing.
L.O.B. Enterprises 2 East wing
Mama Dolce's 2 One is in the food distribution area, on an upper level next to a terminal. The second book can be found on/under a small table in the upper level in the southeast portion of the processed foods area.
Megaton 4 Inside Billy Creel's house (must be stolen).
Minefield 9 Inside the houses.
National Archives 5 In the National Archives section on bookshelves. 1 on main floor, 4 downstairs from that.
National Guard depot 6 2 in the entrance zone, 1 in the Training Wing, and 3 more in the Depot Offices.
Oasis 1 After entering the Sunken Chambers, walk until the left turn, do so, and continue forward until reaching a table with a blue trunk on the ground to the right. The book in on the top of the trunk next to a box of darts.
Our Lady of Hope Hospital 1 On the western curved counter in the large waiting room area.
Paradise Falls 1 Slave house, on a table.
Pylon shack 1 On the northeastern pylon footing.
Raider fort southwest of the Temple of the Union 1 On a table in the open shack. Appears after finishing Head of State and The Waters of Life.
Republic of Dave 2 In the Museum of Dave, must be stolen.
RobCo facility 3 One in the shelves behind reception desk, one around the computers in the control room (near the Big Book of Science), and one in the mainframe room.
Roosevelt Academy 3 1 in the Headmaster's Office on a desk. 1 in the northern room of Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall on the ground floor. 1 in A wanderer's 'home': a raised wooden platform with a bed and table. To find it, go one grid square to the east from the Roosevelt Academy. There is an explosive chain of cars lined up on the road. A bus sits on the north end where the road crests. Northeast of this visual landmark is the platform.
Sewer waystation 4 2 are in the County sewer mainline in a room in which Gallo the ghoul has an ambush, the books are next to the bed; 2 are in a big three-floored room next to a computer terminal, behind a locked gate.
Signal Alfa Lima 1 Near broadcast tower KB5.
Signal Oscar Tango 1 South of the Jury Street Metro station.
Signal Oscar Zulu 1 Southeast of Relay tower KX-B8-11.
Signal Papa November 1 West of the Charnel House.
Signal Sierra Romeo 2 Near the broadcast tower KT8, in the room with the computer terminals.
Sniper shack 1 Sniper shack, west of Rockbreaker's Last Gas. On the table to the left of the locker that contains the Victory rifle.
Temple of the Union 1 On Caleb's bed
Tepid sewers 2 One in the locked storage room (opened via a terminal or Rocksalt's key) underneath some other books in a box, and one in the raider's sleeping quarters on top of the bookshelves.
Vault 92 5 One on a table in the main entrance area; one on a shelf in the overseer's office; and three scattered around the sound testing labs.
Vault 106 2 In a cabinet in the same room as Nikola Tesla and You book.
Vault-Tec headquarters 1 On top of a garbage can next to a safe in the corporate offices.
Yao guai tunnels 1 On the table by the entrance.
Point Lookout
St. Aubin medical facility 3 Found on the same desk in a side room of the corridor in Professor Calvert's Lab.

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  • Senior Scribe Yearling may sometimes not accept books from a location other than Arlington Library.
  • Crazy Wolfgang and a few other vendors may sell "false" pre-War books. Once having fully invested in his inventory, Wolfgang will begin to carry them. Books that can be turned in have a value of 1, a green cover, and show a special "Book" icon, while Wolfgang's books have a value of 5, a blue cover, and appear with the "Junk" icon in the inventory (not stacking with the regular ones). These "false" pre-War books can be found throughout the Wasteland, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta as well.
  • A blue and a green pre-War book can be found in the Operation: Anchorage add-on. Neither can be added to one's inventory.