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Praetorian guards are the elite personal bodyguards of the main leaders of Caesar's Legion, Caesar and Legate Lanius in 2281. Praetorians focus exclusively on unarmed combat in battle and can see through disguises. The leader of the Praetorian guards is Lucius.


Their name refers to the ancient Roman Praetorians, bodyguards of a general's tent (praetorium) and, in later centuries, of the emperors.

Caesar explains that his Praetorians are hand-picked from amongst the ranks of those Legionaries who have served for long enough and have killed enough men to qualify as centurions. Those invited to join the Praetorians must pick a current member of the Praetorian guard whom they believe is the weakest, and challenge them to an unarmed duel to the death. If the invitee wins, he takes on the position. The leader of the Praetorian guard can also be challenged, but this doesn't happen often, as the leader is highly respected among his subordinates.

Personifying Caesar's martial philosophy, the Praetorians fight using only unarmed combat. Lucius explains that weapons or firearms may break or jam, but a true warrior can always rely on his innate skills. Regardless, Praetorians still wear ballistic fists to give their punches a devastating impact beyond what a normal human blow can inflict.

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They can be found guarding Caesar's tent, and the weather monitoring station at Fortification Hill. Several of them also fight alongside Legate Lanius in the final showdown. At least one Praetorian will fight along with an assassination team to kill the Courier if they are disliked enough by the Legion.


  • Praetorian guards have a version of the Toughness perk, which grants them 10% Damage Resistance in addition to the 12 Damage Threshold from their armor. It is very unusual for human non-player characters in the Gamebryo Engine Fallout games (Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas) to have perks.
  • Praetorians are 30% faster than a normal non-player character.
  • Despite what Lucius says, the Praetorians in a Legion assassin party will likely use a firearm (usually a 12.7mm submachine gun) in their attempt to kill the Courier, unlike the ballistic fists that Praetorians are supposed to use.
  • A single Praetorian represents the 10 of Clubs card in the Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Caravan Deck, however it looks like a centurion.


Praetorian guards appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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In Latin, praetor is the word for leader or commanding officer.


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