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Monongah Power Plant has failed. Repair its systems and get the power back on.

Event: Powering Up Monongah is an event in Fallout 76.


Players have the opportunity to repair the Monongah power plant in West Virginia, requiring basic repairs to the reactor, generator, and cooling system. Doing so will restore power to a part of the region, activating power boxes at the plant (supplying 400 units of power to CAMPs and settlements) and at substations (100 per box). Otherwise, the boxes supply a measly 10 power.


  • This quest is a timed quest, with one hour being granted to complete it. Inside and around the plant, there are very few hostiles (unlike the Powering Up Poseidon event, which features hordes of Scorched). However, unlike the low level Scorched found at the Poseidon power plant, the ones at Monongah are much stronger, possibly even mole miners or feral ghouls.
  • The event is the same as at the other power plants, but the location of the areas differ. In general, one needs to locate three areas: The cooling towers, turbine hall, and reactor room, and find the damaged components: pipes spewing steam, sparking consoles, and damaged, grinding machinery. The damaged spots only need to be interacted with in order to be repaired, they do not require any components to be used. Once 50% of the repairs are done, the event will activate markers that help find the rest of the damaged components. Unlike with Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06, there are fewer things that need to be fixed to bring the plant back online in the turbine hall and reactor chamber, making it easier to complete the quest, especially if wanting to unlock the generator plans for the large, windmill, and fusion reactor generators quicker.
    • The generator section is in the main building and involves finding the large yellow broken machines and selecting 'repair' when close. Whilst searching for these, one should watch for the enemies inside, such as mole miners, as depending on one's current level, they can deal significant damage.
    • The repair of the cooling system section is completed through the two outlying buildings. These can be accessed from the main building, or from the outside through a ramp at its base. The actual repair involves fixing leaking pipes (which are distinctively marked with yellow and black warning stripes and emit steam), as well as making an audible hissing noise.
    • The reactor repairs require fixing up the yellow control stations in the radiated reactor area.
  • Although the power plant can be activated once basic repairs are complete, finishing the job by repairing all the damaged areas will greatly increase the experience and caps reward received at the completion of the quest and provide +20% items at the conclusion (this isn't required to receive the generator plans; generator plans are always rewarded as long as the player does not already know the recipe).
  • Fixing up the power plant restores power to the region, as stated above. In Monongah's case, this affects the:
  • Once restored, the power plant will remain active for several hours. Reactivating it will require going through the motions of the quest again.
  • If not completed, this quest will reload almost instantly.

Quest stages

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Repair {Power Plant Location}{Power Plant Location} has shut down. If we want to get the power back on, we need to repair the plant's broken pipes and machinery.
? Make basic repairs to the Cooling System
? (Optional) Fully repair the Cooling System
? Make basic repairs to the Generator System
? (Optional) Fully repair the Generator System
? Make basic repairs to the Reactor System
? (Optional) Fully repair the Reactor System
? (Optional) Finish repairs to {Power Plant Location}<Alias=PowerPlantShortNameLocation> has shut down. There's still some damage, but we've repaired enough of the plant's broken pipes and machinery that we should be able to restart it now.
? Restart {Power Plant Location}{Power Plant Location} has shut down. We've repaired the plant's systems, so all we need to do now is restart it.
?Quest finished(Quest completed)We were able to repair and restart {Power Plant Location}, which is now supplying power to the region.

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