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Powering Up is a quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Talk to Father who will ask to find a way of boosting the transmission range of Diamond City Radio. Place the gear in Travis's shack, return to Father and place the Beryllium agitator. Then talk with the Directorate. They have already decided that it is necessary to destroy The Brotherhood of Steel.

Detailed walkthrough

When teleporting to the Institute, one must talk to Father. He will give the task of going to Diamond City to boost the range of Diamond City Radio. Once arriving to Diamond City, head over to Travis's shack where he broadcasts from. When entering his shack, look on the ground for a box of radio things to his transmitter gear.

Place the gear in the right spot:

  • 'Radio thing with the buttons' goes to the left.
  • 'Radio thing with dials' goes in the center.
  • 'Radio thing with the tubes' goes on the right.

After that is done, return to the Institute and go to Father, who is waiting in the reactor room where he will prompt to put in the Beryllium Agitator that the Sole Survivor acquired from the previous mission into the reactor.

When placing that in the reactor, one must activate it using the terminal near it. The door to the reactor will close and the player character will have to talk to Father, after which he will ask to attend a board meeting as the director. There the Sole Survivor will discuss the future plans of the Institute.

The player character will discover that the Director already have made the decision to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. If arguing for a solution that avoids conflict, it will be rejected because The Brotherhood of Steel already started it by invading the Commonwealth with their troops and airships.

One has to decide whether the Institute shall focus on further development of synths or weapons. When the meeting concludes this quest completes and the quest End of the Line starts automatically.

Quest stages

10 Talk to Father
30 Record the Speech
40 Speak with Father
50 Reconfigure the Transmitter
60 Speak with Father
70 Activate the Reactor
80 Speak with Father
90Quest finishedTalk to the Directorate


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Behind the scenes

The Institute's reactor shape is based on the tokamak design used in fusion research over the last few decades.


  • Playstation 4Icon ps4.png When talking to Father, sometimes he will tend to walk away, cutting out the dialogue and resetting it. [verification overdue]
  • Xbox OneIcon xboxone.png Sitting down will not start the meeting. This happens when the Brotherhood of Steel on the Prydwen/Boston Airport is killed before the final stage of the quest.[verification overdue]

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