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For the variant of this weapon featured in Fallout 3, see Pneumatic Power Fist.
A "Big Frigger" Power Fist from BeatCo. Considered by many to be the ultimate weapon to use in unarmed combat. Others are just scared. Powered by small energy cells.

The Power fist (Fallout) is an unarmed weapon in Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics.

Fallout and Fallout 2


A "Big Frigger" Power Fist from BeatCo. It likely works similarly to the Super Sledge, with energy cells powering a kinetic energy storage device to increase knockback.

An improved version of this weapon is called the Mega Power Fist.



Fallout 2

Fallout Tactics




This weapon appears in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics. In Fallout 3, it was replaced by a Pneumatic Power Fist, more similar to the Impact Gloves from Fallout Tactics than to the Big Frigger.

Behind the Scenes

The Power Fist was a late addition to Fallout. Balancing for various forms of combat went on until very late in the game, when it became clear that characters specializing in unarmed combat couldn't keep up with the damage output necessary to finish certain battles near the climax; even when scoring critical hits, unarmed attacks rarely penetrated armor or did enough damage to keep the Vault Dweller competitive. Various "unarmed" weapons were added as a result, but initially only the brass knuckles and spiked knuckles were included. The Power Fist was included as a final upgrade, a natural addition to Power Armor, and a thematic tie-in to the power-assisted hand-to-hand combat portrayed in some dystopian futures of science fiction, such as Warhammer 40,000.

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