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The power armor station is a constructible settlement object, world object and crafting station in Fallout 4.


A power armor frame that comes in two styles. The first is a box frame with two long metal legs, which extend up the rear to support two overhead bars, which can be adjusted in height by two hydraulic pistons. The second is a two-piece unit, comprising of two struts with a wide base, as seen on the Prydwen among other locations in the Commonwealth. Only the former style of the two can be built in a player-owned settlement. The Sole Survivor can use the station to attach, detach and repair armor mods when a power armor frame is installed at the station.

Using the station

  • Exit armor near, but not backed into, the station.
  • Broken segments are transferred to inventory, though they will be displayed in the list of segments when the station is in use.
  • Repairing a broken segment will increase its weight from 0 back to the full weight of the piece.
  • Use the "Equip" option to place an armor segment on a frame. Segments can come from any set of armor.
  • If the station is near a workbench, repairs and modifications will draw from the workbench inventory as well as player character's inventory. Freestanding stations will draw from the player character's inventory alone.


To modify power armor, the Sole Survivor needs power armor parts, the required materials as well as the corresponding perks (Armorer, Science! and Blacksmith).


With the Local Leader rank 2 and the Armorer rank 1 perks, the player character can build power armor stations within settlements.

Gears (6)
Oil (4)
Screw (4)
Armorer Rank 1
Power armor station (1)


Settlement locations

These are available to the player character when they are allied with the settlement. Using them draws on the inventory of the settlement workshop.

World locations

These are available to the player character at any time. Using these stations draws on one's inventory and what may be stored in the station itself.


  • PCPC When the Sole Survivor uses a power armor station and leaves, they will have additional carried weight equal to that of the weight of the heaviest power armor part (e.g If power armor left hand weighs 17.2 lbs, they will have additional 17.2 weight of carried items). It can be fixed easily by reequipping any part of clothing, though a permanent solution does not exist.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One NPCs have a chance to stop at a power armor station and plug a cable into a suit of armor as if they are wearing a Pip-Boy.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Commanding a companion and then hovering the crosshair over a power armor station will display "Sit Power Armor Station".