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{{For|a list of power armor pieces|Fallout 4 armor and clothing#Power armor}}
{{merge|Power armor frame| That other page covers all the most pertient info on PA in FO4. This page has the most convenient page name that works with layout templates and a good search term.}}
{{merge|Power armor frame| That other page covers all the most pertient info on PA in FO4. This page has the most convenient page name that works with layout templates and a good search term.}}
{{For|a list of power armor pieces|Fallout 4 armor and clothing#Power armor}}
* [[Power armor frame]]
* [[Raider power armor]]
* [[T-45 power armor]]
* [[T-51 power armor]]
* [[T-60 power armor]]
* [[X-01 power armor]]
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{{Main|power armor frame}}

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Power armor (Fallout 4) may refer to:

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For a list of power armor pieces, see Fallout 4 armor and clothing#Power armor.


Main article: Power armor frame

Power armor is always attached to a power armor frame. The frame and its parts may be repaired and modified at Power armor stations located around the Commonwealth, but can neither be scrapped for component materials nor renamed. Power armor stations can be built at settlement locations under the crafting tab. Most power armor located around the Commonwealth is level scaled. For example, at lower levels you will find T-45 power armor though at higher levels it can range from T-51 power armor up to X-01 power armor.


  • Power armor uses fusion cores as fuel. Fusion cores are scarce and are exhausted rather quickly while walking and fighting in power armor. However, there is no drain on a power armor fusion core during fast travel to a discovered site on the map.
  • Because power armors use fusion cores as fuel, shooting off an enemy's fusion core will often cause the core to become unstable and eject, therefore leaving the armor with no juice. The enemy will be forced to exit the power armor and wont be able to enter unless they have a fusion core in their inventory. This will allow the Sole Survivor to have an unlimited number of power armors, although all the power armors obtained through this method will be "stolen". Having the Penetrator perk makes it easier, as you can hit the Fusion Core at any angle.
  • Because of the weight of power armor, swimming is impossible while wearing it. Instead the wearer will sink to the bottom of the body of water and walk on the bottom, unable to sprint. This can be either useful or hazardous; while a power armor helmet does prolong the amount of time one can remain underwater before sustaining damage, without having the Aquaboy perk, one can still drown. It is a useful combination if the player has the correct stealth skills and perks, along with the Aquaboy Perk near bodies of water.
  • Certain bodies of water feature very steep banks and can't be walked out of, like the flooded shaft at the bottom of Dunwich Borers where Kremvh's Tooth is found. Escaping such a location is only possible by exiting the power armor underwater. While the armor pieces and the Fusion core can be salvaged from the Power armor frame, the frame itself will become unrecoverable. It is therefore advised to (quick)save before entering an unknown body of water while clad in power armor.
  • The Stealth Boy upgrade most power armor models can be equipped with turns not only the armor invisible, but also the wearer's weapon including most kinds of sights. This can make proper aiming rather difficult. Certain high-end scope mods like the Recon Scope are an exception and continue to function properly while cloaked.
  • The Stealth Boy upgrade only activates when the wearer crouches down and does not move except for aiming. This also applies to any companion that wears a stealth-enabled suit of power armor. It is however quite futile as the sheer weight of the power armor still affects the ability of the wearer to sneak without being detected.
  • The Targeting HUD upgrade highlights every viable target in sight with a highly visible red aura, no matter if it's actually a living creature, a robot or a turret, and it even does so if the target is cloaked (Chameleon Deathclaws, certain assaultrons or humans utilizing a Stealth Boy) or otherwise hidden (like burrowed mirelurks or sleeping ghouls). While the system does differentiate between friend and foe, the optical difference is rather subtle and often hard to notice during heated engagements. Firing discipline is advised, especially while around neutral/friendly NPCs or while travelling with a melee-focused companion. This mod is still extremely useful since the game lacks any mechanic to indicate from which direction an attack came from and because most enemies blend in very effectively with their surroundings, thus making them hard to spot especially at night.
  • Power armor completely negates all fall damage, enabling the wearer to hop down from even the tallest of skyscrapers without any harm to either health or the armor itself. This however, causes a very loud thud, and will alert any nearby enemies of the player's position. Landing on or in close proximity to an enemy or even NPC deals a great deal of damage to them from the fall as well, therefore care should be taken for example jumping from the top floor inside Atom Cats garage as it can cause them to become aggravated.
  • Some NPCs will comment on the player wearing power armor, including several companions, the guards at Diamond City, and children. Comments range from confusion and suspicion to amazement and comments of impression or even more rarely, mild disdain. Zeke of the Atom Cats is immediately impressed when the player arrives in power armor.
  • Each model of power armor except the Raider Power Armor can be modified with a unique paint scheme, most of which are acquired by progressing through the questlines of the four main factions. Some paints (Minutemen, Railroad) unlock after only a handful of quests while others like the Institute Paint require the completion of the entire corresponding questline. All of them grant the wearer a bonus to a specific SPECIAL stat if all six armor pieces are painted the same.
  • Downsides to using power armor are many and include expenses of repairs, reduced stealth, inability to pickpocket effectively, lack of many legendary armor bonuses such as AP regeneration or stacks of 15% damage resist, however this is balanced out with having very high amounts of resistance, viable modifications and a inherent increase in strength. Having three perk stars in stealth does not seem to negatively impair player sneak skill when wearing power armor.
  • The parts of armor (ex. body, head etc) are in fixed number and type for each spawn point (some frames appear to spawn different parts by loading a save from before you EVER entered that area) , but lvl of them (T-45, T-51, X-01 etc) depends on your level when you came FIRST time to spawn point.
  • The Pip-Boy light may not be used while wearing power armor, preventing an external light from being used if the power armor suit is not equipped with a helmet normally. A mining helmet may be worn and used in place of the power armor helmet and Pip-Boy.


  • Companions dismissed while wearing stolen power armor back to a settlement may show up without it at a later time. Unknown as to the cause. It is advised to not leave dismissed companions in stolen power armor outside of supervision. Unknown if this occurs with "owned" power armor. [platforms tag needed][verification overdue]
  • PCIcon pcIn the USS Constitution Hold if you are wearing power armor and decide to exit the power armor it will turn invisible, while still being able to enter it. [verification overdue]
  • PCIcon pc Whether you can wear head apparel in a helmet-less suit of power armor seems inconsistent. [verification overdue]
    • It appears that entering a full suit of power armor, then taking off the helmet via the apparel menu will result in your headgear not being shown, although it is still displayed as equipped in the items menu. Entering already helmet-less power armor usually circumvents this issue, meaning any worn headgear will continue to show up correctly.
      • Attempting to equip armor pieces which are already worn after unequipping the Power Armor helmet will cause them to show up normally. In both equipped and unequipped state, headgear, glasses and masks will show up as equipped if they were equipped when entering Power Armor.
  • while wearing power armor it is possible to latch on to corners of very steep inclines or even vertical walls, making wall climbing possible with the jet boost mod. [verification overdue] [platforms tag needed]
  • At least 1 rare game breaking bugs has been linked with power armor usage, in particular the repeating geiger counter sound which requires loading an older save. [verification overdue]

power armor when it has no Fusion Core.[verification overdue]

  • PCIcon pc if a Companion gets into a suit of power-armor that has no fusion core, they will not be hindered by it and will even be able to use the light as if it did have a core [verification overdue]
  • PCIcon pc When entering a suit of Power Armor from the front side, sometimes the character will get stuck running into the suit. sometimes helps to enter the menu. [verification overdue]
  • PCIcon pc While in first person the smoke from the power armor's jet-pack won't go away until you re-enter the suit. [verification overdue]
  • Playstation 4Icon ps4 While using the Jet pack Power armor torso mod. If you fall for too long after using the jet pack you will not be able to gain altitude again despite the animation still working, a work around is to consume a nukacola. [verification overdue]
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