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The T-45d power armor is a piece of armor in Fallout 3.


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Originally developed and manufactured for the United States Army by American defense contractor West Tek,[1] the T-45d power armor was the first version of power armor to be successfully deployed in battle.

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In 2067, the first suit of T-45d power armor was deployed in Alaska during the start of the Anchorage Reclamation in the midst of the Sino-American War. This power armor was incredibly effective against Chinese tanks and infantry. Its ability to allow a single infantryman to carry heavy ordnance that otherwise required a team of soldiers to transport and operate became key in various localized conflicts on the Alaskan front, and it allowed American soldiers wearing the armor to destroy entire towns occupied by Chinese troops without endangering themselves.

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In 2076, the more advanced T-51b power armor variant was introduced into combat duty.

After the Great War, this model of power armor is still being used by factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel. While main forces of the Brotherhood in New California and the Mojave Brotherhood of Steel tend to use the newer T-51b, more remote chapters, such as the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel and the Brotherhood Outcasts, have to rely on these outdated suits.



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The T-45d lacks the mobility of later power armor models (such as the T-51b power armor) because of its less advanced servo design; as a result it limits the wearer's Agility.

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The first version of T-45d power armor deployed on the front lines against the Chinese was powered by small energy cells and it burned through them at an alarming rate.

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While the T-45d armor is similar in its overall shape to the newer T-51b power armor, it is significantly less advanced than its later counterpart, and uses riveted steel plates instead of plastic composite materials in its construction. Various electronic and mechanical subsystems of the armor are exposed on the outside of its casing rather than sealed within as in the T-51b, making it far more susceptible to damage. In addition, a specialized body suit is required to be worn underneath the T-45d's armored shell in order to facilitate linking the armor's servos to the wearer's own motions and to make the armor more bearable because of its heat dissipation problems.

Gameplay attributesEdit

Power armor can only be worn if the player character has gained the Power Armor Training perk, either by talking to Paladin Gunny in the Citadel, by starting the Take it Back! quest, or by completing the Anchorage Reclamation simulation.

T-45d power armor can be repaired using components from the T-51b power armor, but the reverse is not possible. All non-unique variants of T-45d power armor have identical properties and effects, and only differ in their appearance and use in certain quests.


  • Brotherhood power armor and Brotherhood power helmet - It has the same appearance and attributes as regular power armor. There are no differences other than the name, the insignia on the shoulder pauldrons, that it will not appear in a merchant's stock, and Protector Casdin will not accept it as part of The Outcast Collection Agent unmarked quest.
  • Outcast power armor and Outcast power helmet - A variant worn by Brotherhood Outcasts. Visually it is a standard suit of Brotherhood of Steel power armor but haphazardly repainted black and red. Having Outcast variants in the inventory (equipped or not) when speaking to Protector Casdin will cause him to confiscate the armor unless the player character has gained the Outcasts' trust. Wearing a full suit of Outcast power armor will cause the Outcasts stationed at their outpost to treat the player character as though they were a member as opposed to a "local."
  • Lyons' Pride power armor - It is the same as regular power armor, except that the Lyons' Pride insignia is on the shoulder instead of the standard Brotherhood of Steel insignia. There is no specific Lyon's Pride power helmet. Pride members wear either standard power helmets or the Brotherhood variants.
  • Linden's Outcast power armor - A unique Outcast power armor obtained as a quest reward for completing the quest Oasis in Leaf Mother Laurel's favor.
  • Prototype medic power armor - This is a variation of the Army power armor equipped with a Mister Gutsy-like onboard artificial intelligence. The armor's primary function is to administer Med-X when the wearer receives significant damage. Because artificial intelligence is capable of speech it will also alert the wearer to the presence of nearby enemies and vice versa.
  • Gametitle-FO3 TP Ashur's power armor - A unique version of the standard power armor which has been painted and adorned with various tribal emblems.
  • Gametitle-FO3 TP Tribal power armor - A damaged suit of Brotherhood power armor, patched and altered by unnamed denizens of The Pitt to resemble Ashur's power armor.
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  • Army power armor, it has a US Army band on each shoulder. There is no matching helmet for the Army power armor.
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Image Name DR Weight Health Effects Value Limit Base ID
T45d Power Armor Army power armor Icon cut 40 45 (25) 1000 +2 STR, -2 AGL, +10 Radiation Resistance 739 00061a72
Fo3TP Tribal T45D power armor Ashur's power armor Gametitle-FO3 TP 40 45 (35) 1000 +1 STR, +1 CHR, +1 LCK, -1 AGL, +10 Radiation Resistance 739 1 xx006852
T45d Power Armor Brotherhood power armor 40 45 (25) 1000 +2 STR, -2 AGL, +10 Radiation Resistance 739 00075201
Lindens Outcast power armor Linden's Outcast power armor 40 45 (35) 1000 +1 STR, -1 AGL, +10 Radiation Resistance, +5 Big Guns 739 1 00070877
T45d Power Armor Lyons' Pride power armor 40 45 (25) 1000 +2 STR, -2 AGL, +10 Radiation Resistance 739 6 00061a73
Outcast T45d power armor Outcast power armor 40 45 (25) 1000 +2 STR, -2 AGL, +10 Radiation Resistance 739 00060c70
T45d Power Armor Power armor 40 45 (25) 1000 +2 STR, -2 AGL, +10 Radiation Resistance 739 00014e13
Fallout 3 Army Power Armor Prototype medic power armor 40 45 1000 -1 AGL, +25 Radiation Resistance; vocally alerts to enemies; administers Med-X 999 1 0007836e
Fo3TP Tribal T45D power armor Tribal power armor Gametitle-FO3 TP 35 40 (30) 1000 +1 STR, +1 LCK, -1 AGL, +15 AP, +5 Melee Weapons 739 1 xx00b50f
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Power armor and helmetEdit

  • In the trenches near the Washington Monument by the bunker and up the stairs by the entrance are dead paladins, both wearing full suits of armor.
  • Outside the GNR building plaza the player character can find a few dead paladins following the super mutant attack.
  • Regular power armor can be acquired from the Capital Wasteland's merchants, although they rarely appear in stock.
  • Crow will sell power armor suits when the player character expands his inventory twice.
  • Gametitle-FO3 TP Friday, a vendor in the Pitt Downtown, also sells them.
  • The Lone Wanderer receives a complete suit of power armor in 100% condition from Sarah Lyons at the beginning of the game's final quest, Take it Back!
  • Gametitle-FO3 BS When the Brotherhood of Steel is attacking the mobile base crawler, some paladins may die in the assault, making an opportunity for the player character to loot the bodies and obtain regular or Brotherhood power armor.
  • When doing the quest Following in His Footsteps upon first meeting Sarah Lyons and following her through the alley, the deceased Initiate Jennings will be lying on a mattress with a full suit of armor. The armor is in poor condition.
  • Harkness in Rivet City may be seen wearing the armor after beating the game if Broken Steel is installed.

Brotherhood power armor and helmetEdit

This variant is found on most fallen Brotherhood of Steel members.

Outcast power armor and helmetEdit

Outcast power armor and Outcast power helmet can be acquired from the corpses of fallen Outcasts and from Fort Independence.

Lyons' Pride power armorEdit

It can be acquired from the corpses of dead Lyons' Pride members during the Take it Back quest, or reverse-pickpocketing: Sentinel Lyons, Knight Captain Gallows, Paladin Vargas, Paladin Glade, Paladin Kodiak and Knight Captain Dusk.

Army power armor and helmetEdit

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 3 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Army power armor and matching helmet can only be acquired on the PC version using console commands. It has a U.S. Army band on each shoulder.

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  • Though not included as a complete object, the Fallout 3 "Textures.bsa" file contains a complete mesh for a pink power armor, and appears as a pink-painted armor with a white outline of a heart painted on the breastplate.
  • When the player character wears the helmet, they are not affected by the voice changer when doing a power attack with their fists or a melee weapon.
  • When anyone wearing power armor, including the player character, has a rifle holstered it will be pointing the opposite way compared to any other apparel, this is most easily seen with a sniper rifle or laser rifle holstered.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel insignia is present on the left pauldron of all "plain" power armor.



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