Power Noodles is an unmarked location in the Diamond City market in 2287.


It is a tall building that stands in the middle of Diamond City and is easily visible when entering the city. Operated by the protectron Takahashi, Power Noodles is a major food shop in the center of the city's market, where the robot sells overpriced noodles at the default price of 55 caps. The shop also acts as a power reactor, supplying the various buildings of Diamond City with electricity.[1]

The restaurant was the site of the infamous Broken Mask incident of 2229, where human-like synths were first revealed to the Commonwealth when one malfunctioned and went berserk. Several Diamond City residents were killed before the synth was eliminated by the city guard.


Counters encircle a central pillar, with Takahashi behind one of them. A cooking station sits near the pillar.


  • Upon meeting Takahashi for the first time and hearing his signature question ("Nan-ni shimasko-ka?"), a resident will say "Just say yes, it's all he understands."
  • MacCready enjoys Takahashi's noodles immensely; if he is the Sole Survivor's current companion, he accepts a bowl from the robotic chef and, when finished, enthusiastically asks for more.
  • If visiting Diamond City on Halloween, Power Noodles is decorated with red skull cutouts on the counter and "Happy Halloween" banners stretched across the canopy.
  • If visiting Diamond City on Christmas, Power Noodles is decorated with Christmas Trees and lights running to surrounding buildings.
  • Companions will try to talk to Takahashi when they are taken to Diamond City for the first time.
  • The Far Harbor note Taste test found in the Nucleus makes a reference to Power Noodles.


Power Noodles appears only in Fallout 4.



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