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Power is a resource in Fallout Shelter.


The vault cannot run without power. Run low on power and rooms will begin shutting down leaving dwellers in the dark.

Power generation

There are two basic sources of power:

Power can also be acquired through lunchboxes.

Power consumption

Single Room Double Room Triple Room Barbershop
Level 1 0.52/min 1.09/min 1.71/min -
Level 2 0.62/min 1.30/min 2.05/min 2.05/min
Level 3 1.14/min 2.39/min 3.76/min 3.76/min

A double spaced room consumes 5% more power than two single spaced rooms and a triple spaced room consumes 10% more power than three single spaced rooms.

Level 2 rooms consume ~20% more power than their level 1 counterparts and level 3 rooms consume ~83% more power than level 2s (or 10% more than two level 1 rooms {as odd a comparison as that is}).

The sweet spot in power-to-production/capacity is a level 2 double spaced room.

Power requirements

The requirement bar's position (the green bar on the power meter) is directly related to the aggregate power consumption of all rooms. The level of power required to keep out of the red is approximately equal to the total power consumption of all rooms times 13.5 (since the value in stats is rounded, these are rough figures). In general, to keep the minimum required bar around the 50% mark, there should be 3 or 4 rooms per 50 units of power storage (or a consumption of about 1.85/min per 50 units of storage):

Consumption # 1x1 Rooms Requirement
0.52/min 1 7.02
1.04/min 2 14.04
1.55/min 3 20.93
2.07/min 4 27.95
2.59/min 5 34.97
3.11/min 6 41.99
3.62/min 7 48.87