The Powder Ganger camp south is a location in the Mojave Wasteland, located south-west of the NCR Correctional Facility.


This camp consists of an overturned train container leaning against a rock, with two large rectangular pieces of scrap functioning as a roof. On the container there is graffiti that reads "FIGHT APATHY or dont..." On the east side of the train car there is a tag that reads "steve wuz heer." Another tag can be found on the same side that is doodled over, but if you look carefully you can still read the text "Jimmy is a weasel." There is a usable bed in the back of the area that is sheltered by the makeshift roof, a campfire just outside of the sheltered area, and a Lad's Life in a box of books near the bed. The roof pieces double as ramps that allow access to the container's roof, providing a decent aerial view of the Mojave Wasteland. When you come here doing the quest I Fought the Law, Chavez will be here with three of his Powder Ganger "crew" members. This camp has split off from the main gang and has started their own splinter cell, making them an enemy of Eddie.

On a crosstie next to the campfire there is a note entitled "Powder Ganger note" that reads:


Some of the fellas farther north are trying to organize. We're starting to think it's a good idea. Got to pool resources if we're gonna survive out here. Sure you've noticed the decline in travelers. If they're getting wise, so should we.

Related questsEdit

I Fought the Law - Eddie sends the Courier here to eliminate Chavez and his gang.


  • If the Courier comes here before being directed to in I Fought the Law, Chavez will not be present.
  • The "Powder Ganger note" cannot be picked up.


The Powder Ganger camp south appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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