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For an overview of Powder Gang outfits, see Powder Gang outfit.

The Powder Gang simple outfit is a piece of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas.


Worn by Powder Gangers, it consists of a pair of black cutoffs and a bandolier with 6 sticks of unusable dynamite. It is rarer than the other Powder Ganger outfits. The female version looks the same as the Powder Gang soldier outfit.


  • Can be found on Powder Gangers at the various Powder Ganger camps.
  • Usually one or two of the Powder Gangers that attack Goodsprings with Joe Cobb will have this outfit.
  • Oliver Swanick in Nipton might spawn wearing this.


  • Like all Powder Ganger armors, the Pip-Boy image is of a suit of Powder Gang guard armor.
  • Though the armor has a bandolier full of dynamite, it is for appearance only, and does not give the player any dynamite upon picking up the outfit.
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