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The Potomac River is a waterway that traverses through Appalachia and the Capital Wasteland.[1]


By 2277 the river's flow in the Capital Wasteland seems to have mostly ceased, as the entire region is arid. The mostly dry riverbed has pockets of moderately radioactive water and is filled with detritus. Mirelurks make their home where the river has water, and those are hunted by the locals for food. After the activation of Project Purity, its Tidal Basin will fill with clean pure water, resulting in the Brotherhood having to clear out the mirelurk corpses washing ashore.


The river starts its flow from two locations, its North Branch in West Virginia and its South Branch in Virginia. After the two branches meet, the Potomac flows as the border between the Eastern and Columbia Commonwealths, and the states of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia, until it reaches Chesapeake Bay. Its waters flow into the Tidal Basin, and just past this, the Anacostia River merges with the Potomac.

Where the river flows just north of DC to the end of the map the river is full.



The Potomac River appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout 76.

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