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The Potomac is a waterway that traverses through Appalachia and the Capital Wasteland.[1]


The river divides the Capital Wasteland in half. Some portions have dried up, and the water that exists is radioactive. There are boats in the river both above the surface and below the water line containing ammunition and first aid boxes. Mirelurks are often found in and around it, with mirelurk hunters and mirelurk kings found at higher levels.



The Potomac appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout 76.


  1. Lucy West: "Arefu is northwest of Megaton on an old overpass over the Potomac. If you follow what's left of the river, you can't miss it."
    (Lucy West's dialogue)
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  3. Leroy Walker: "Hmm. Can't burn pennies. I'll have to toss them into the Potomac."
    (Leroy Walker's dialogue)
  4. Shawna: "Dave is a world-renowned marksman, known for shooting an apple out of the hand of a Raider from across the Potomac."
    (Shawna's dialogue)