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A Possum vending machine is a world object in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.


Possum badges are exchanged at Possum vending machines, automated vendors set up by the Pioneer Scouts to distribute to Possum-themed items.

They can be found at certain Pioneer Scout locations such as Camp Adams and the Pioneer Scout camp (Camp Lewis). They are usually accompanied by Tadpole vending machines. The machines offer the following items:

Possum vending machine
Name Cost
Pioneer Scout Hat: Possum 3 badges
Pioneer Scout Possum shorts 2 badges
Pioneer Scout Possum skirt 2 badges
Plan: Backpack armor plated mod 5 badges
Plan: Backpack high capacity mod 8 badges
Plan: Backpack insulated mod 5 badges
Plan: Backpack lead lined mod 5 badges
Plan: Backpack refrigerated mod 8 badges
Plan: Pioneer Scout banner: Possum 1 badge
Plan: Pioneer Scout Possum backpack 3 badges
Plan: Pioneer Scout stash box 5 badges
Plan: ProSnap Deluxe night-vision lens 5 badges


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