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Tour the RobCo Research Center

Possum Junior Roboticist Tour is a quest in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.

Quick walkthrough[]

After completing The Order of the Tadpole and being promoted to Possum Scout, go to the RobCo Research Center and activate the Pioneer Scout Junior Robotics Tour speaker box. It is located directly below the RobCo sign at the front driveway. Approaching the Pioneer Scouts insignia will lead to the speaker to start the quest.

Detailed walkthrough[]

The quest requires the player character to go through the Robco facility and grounds and listen to eight tour notes left by "the eminent" Dr. Clara Song, Ph.D. Watch out for the various robots roaming around the grounds and inside the building, and a charred feral ghoul in the basement.

Tour locations are as follows:

"Welcome to the RobCo Research Center, where we do things little children definitely don't need to know about! I, the eminent Dr. Clara Song, PhD, will be your guide. Dr. Song? You mean the award-winning researcher? The author of The Robotics of Then and Now? She's our tour guide? That's right! And since you Scouts are such trustworthy young citizens, I can show you all kinds of interesting things the public doesn't know about. Now off we go! Meet me at the first tour stop and maybe try to learn something for once."

F76 Junior Roboticist Tour 1
  • Right in front of the open monorail car in the monorail tower connected to the building on the south side.

"Here's something kids like: a monorail! This monorail goes all the way to Watoga, our city of the future. Some of us - who can't afford cars - cram into this baby and ride it to work every single day. Hey, did you know that the word monorail means that it only uses a single rail? That's right! This train hangs perilously above the ground on a single, very thin rail line! It's super cool! As long as you aren't afraid of heights."

F76 Junior Roboticist Tour 2
  • In the basement, which can be reached by taking the elevator. The speaker is directly ahead of where one exits the elevator.

"Well, kids, I sure didn't expect to have to tell you about this dimly lit basement. But here we are! I should begin by saying that hurting people is a very bad thing, and you should never do it. And we certainly never do it, even though it may sound like we're doing it down here. But sometimes a company needs to take drastic measures to innovate. And keep lucrative government contracts. And really, what's more important in life than funding your livelihood? Certainly not a squeamish thing like morals."

F76 Junior Roboticist Tour 3
  • Another is located by going back to the ground floor, facing the elevator, and going left through the door marked "Research Wing." Go straight ahead and there is a door directly on the north wall ahead with a speaker next to it.

"Here's where we conduct research on robots. I bet this is what all you little roboticists were hoping to see on this tour. Robots really are amazing. We can program them to do just about anything! But that takes experimentation. In an experiment, we test an idea - called a hypothesis - to see if it works. This tour is kind of an experiment, too! We're testing to see if little kids can truly appreciate the wonders of highly classified science. Can you guess where I stand on this? No? Well I wouldn't expect you to. Moving on."

F76 Junior Roboticist Tour 4
  • From the third speaker, continue heading through the Research Wing to the east, and again on the north wall is another speaker just in front of a large door marked "Robobrain Assembly" The door is bracketed by two large, round, light fixtures.

"Look, this is exciting! Here's where we build the robots that we design! We build all our robots with interchangeable parts. That means we can switch out all kinds of things on them to give them different roles. That's why your household Mr. Handy can flip your pancakes, while the Army's can fire laser beams and machine guns. And flamethrowers and rockets. Just imagine all the cool things your robot could do for you if you could pay as much as the military!"

F76 Junior Roboticist Tour 5
  • When facing the fourth speaker, look to the right and see two single staircases across from each other. Head upstairs and immediately facing the balcony is a speaker next to a sign marked, "Quality Control."

"This is our quality control center. As you can see, it's a tiny, smoke-filled room where our quality control specialists examine parts by hand. Inefficient, you say? Hardly. It's not like you can trust a robot to do this kind of work! And that's the lesson here, kids. Sometimes the real, tedious work needs a human touch. Even when it doesn't."

F76 Junior Roboticist Tour 6
  • The next speaker is in the Facilities Wing, at the bottom floor, by the Eyebot model in the center of the main hall.

"Look at this, children! It's an Eyebot! Here's a robot we actually did invent! These little guys broadcast propaganda. Have you heard propaganda before? I bet you have, even if you didn't know it! Propaganda teaches us about how very evil certain ideas are. Never mind if you've heard about a few and they don't seem that bad. No, all foreign ideologies are baseless and inferior. And don't let anyone tell you different."

F76 Junior Roboticist Tour 7
  • Just past the eyebot display, the next speaker is at a door marked "Robobrain R&D."

"And here we have something highly, highly classified. Do you know what classified means? It means you should never, ever talk about it. In fact, it means we shouldn't have this posted on a sign in plain sight for all you lovely Pioneer Scouts. Luckily, you kids aren't old enough to read! Right?"

F76 Junior Roboticist Tour 8
  • To reach the last speaker, head up the staircase closest to the "Robobrain R&D" section and directly at the top of the stairs is the speaker, by the entrance to Dr Song's boss' office.

"Alright, kids, now we get to learn about another harsh reality of the working world. When all you children grow up big and strong, you get to have a boss! Bosses are smarter, better-paid individuals who tell you how to do your job. Even when they've never done it themselves. And you have to do what they say. Even when it's something that doesn't make sense, like showing off your secret research lab to cute little Pioneer Scouts. But when you pay the bills, you make the rules. That's the lesson."

  • At the coffeestand.[verification overdue]

"Hey, it's the coffee stand! This is where all we hardworking researchers catch a break, get some caffeine, and vent about our long, unpaid overtime hours. But sometimes you just have to buckle down and work, work, work! Growing up sure sounds fun, doesn't it?"

  • At the lobby.[verification overdue]

"Here we have the lobby, reception desk, and everybody's favorite robot: Mr. Handy! I bet you didn't know that RobCo developed the Mr. Handy. That's because we didn't! General Atomics did! But we have added some very unique and morally questionable features to this guy over the years. So I guess that's why he's in our lobby now!"

At this point, the quest completes.

"Alright, this concludes our tour! I'm so glad I got to show you all this secret technology we have! Make sure you, your parents, and any next of kin sign the nondisclosure agreements we distribute on the way out. Have a great day! And remember: loose lips sink ships!"

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Complete a tour of the RobCo Research Center (#/# stations visited)I've begun a tour of the RobCo Research Center for the Pioneer Scouts. I bet there's a lot to learn about how this place operated.
? Visit the next tour stop* I've visited the coffee stand on my tour of the RobCo Research Center. Not the most exciting stop, but it's on to the next.
* I've visited the reception area of the RobCo Research Center on my Pioneer Scout tour and learned about RobCo's contribution to the Mr. Handy robot. I wonder what the next tour stop will be?
* I've visited the Monotrail Station at the RobCo Research Center as part of my Pioneer Scout tour. A fascinating mode of transport, but on to the next stop on the tour.
* I've visited RobCo's basement on my Pioneer Scout tour of the facility. Turns out not everything RobCo did was... ethical. On to the next tour stop.
* I've visited the Robotics Research Lab at the RobCo Research Center while taking a Pioneer Scout tour. RobCo did what they do best here. What's the next tour stop, I wonder?
* I visited the Robotics Assembly area of the RobCo Research Center on a Pioneer Scout tour of the facility. RobCo assembled their robots here, but isn't that obvious? Moving on to the next tour stop.
* I've visited RobCo Research Center's Quality Control lab. It was a little depressing, actually. On to the next stop.
* I've learned about RobCo's Eyebots on the Pioneer Scout tour of the RobCo Research Center. On to the next stop.
* I've visited the Robobrain development lab at RobCo as part of a Pioneer Scout tour of the facility, but the tour guide didn't give much information on these robots. Where to next?
* I've visited the managerial offices at the RobCo Research Center as part of a Pioneer Scout tour of the facility. The tour guide didn't have great things to say about RobCo's management...
?Quest finishedI've completed a tour of the RobCo Research Center for the Pioneer Scouts! Now I know a little more about robotics.