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Poseidon Oil was a subsidiary of Poseidon Energy before the Great War.[Non-canon 1]


Easily the most recognizable of the companies operating under the Poseidon name, Poseidon Oil did not limit itself only to the excavation, pumping, and transport of petroleum - it also operated a number of nuclear power plants, one of which was Atomic Powerplant No. 5 in Gecko.[1][2]

Major installations belonging to this corporation were the Poseidon Oil Rig,[1][3] later used as the headquarters of the Enclave in the Pacific Ocean, and the Navarro Refinery[1] on the coast of California. The PMV Valdez, an oil tanker, is a functional seaworthy vessel that played an instrumental role in defeating the Enclave by accessing the oil rig.[4]


Poseidon Oil appears in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

  • Poseidon Oil would have played a minor role in Van Buren, as one of the sources of funding for the Maxson Bunker and the takeover of Tibbets Prison.[Non-canon 2][Non-canon 3]
  • Chris Avellone offered his views on Poseidon's corporate practices in Fallout Bible 8, noting that the PMV Valdez, despite carrying a Vault door and automation may have been a very old shit and not retrofitted for fusion energy (and noted it wasn't established whether any tankers were running on fusion, and that Poseidon may have simply wanted an energy source consistent with the company's image. He also noted that it was necessary to provide an adventure seed (obtaining fuel), and reinforce the themes of the game and the desperation of the Resource Wars, the fact that the end game location is an old oil rig derrick, and reference the real-life Exxon Valdez.[Non-canon 4]



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    1. I may be missing some statements from within F2, but my opinions are:
    A. Despite the fact that is carrying a Vault Door and is automated doesn't mean the tanker is "new" - it may be old/very old by 2070s standards and not incorporated any fusion technology into its design - and it may be too difficult to retrofit the tanker to run on fusion (although getting the fob was easy). It is not known whether there were any tankers incorporating fusion power sources in the 2070s, although military vehicles would be a different story.
    B. Poseidon Oil (during the Pre-War years) would not want its tankers using fusion cells because that would run contrary to the image of the company, despite its practicality. Plus, the idea of something so big running on something so small hurts its self-confidence.
    C. Fusion cells are very easy to get (in the game) and thus would undercut the adventure seed of connecting the fuel and the necessity of dealing with the Shi and Hubologists.
    D. On some thematic level, the fact that the tanker runs on fuel helps drive home:
    i. The fact the player is going to an oil rig.
    ii. Brings up images of the real-world Valdez.
    iii. Suggests the dinosaur-era technology of the tanker and it also provokes some images of the desperation of the Resource Wars, if you're a Fallout history buff.
    E. The fact that there is a Vault Door aboard the tanker does not mean the tanker itself is new."