The Poseidon Energy employee ID card is a holotape in Fallout: New Vegas.


It is located in the HELIOS One solar collection tower, past the second Mister Gutsy following the top floor. At the second stairwell past the cots, enter the room directly to the right at the bottom of the stairs, then turn right and go down the corridor. Then, turn left and enter the door to a room filled with crates. The ID card is in the southwest corner of the room, on the floor by a skeleton.


It can be used to activate a repair robot called PYTHON in the solar collection tower to complete the That Lucky Old Sun quest. The quest can also be completed without the card if the player character's Science skill is at least 45.[1]

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  1. "This robot has been fitted with a variety of tools specialized for industrial maintenance. There is a slot at the back of the head where it looks like a keycard could be fit. (Science of 45 or Poseidon Energy ID Card required)" - In-game message
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